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Credit approval required are you thinking about a new roof consider Eastern Michigan distributors for your shingles of supplies family owned and operated Eastern Michigan distributors has become one of the largest suppliers of roof shingles in southeast Michigan over the past sixty years eastern welcomes homeowners and contractors alike offering you a wide range of roofing siding gutters and lover materials visit one of our show rooms today to see their over forty colors and styles of shingles open six days a week for your convenience in Detroit and self will come in and see them today or visit Eastern Michigan distributors dot com. W. J. R. welcomes Deku bars Richmond Chrysler Dodge jeep ram to the Detroit Lions football radio team they're the number one ram dealer this you could with the best pricing on hundreds of rounds for the youth ram power days event going on now what better way to tail gate that in a brand new ram fifteen hundred express with twenty inch wheels dual exhaust at Sirius radio with you connect three point oh to hear your lines play by play for an amazing experience and exceptional dealership look no further than Dick who've ours in Richmond it's worth the trip. we're committed to using our energy to serve and transform communities helping to create a brighter future for us all through projects like building part. partnering with schools. job training programs and volunteering our time to those in need because it DTP we believe we have a responsibility to serve our customers and our communities learn more at DTE impact dot com ET so your daughter comes home from college and is super excited to show you.

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