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Playoffs phillies too young assist there's no one that could take it from maybe to indiana can come in and surprise some people but i doubt that happens to so we'll see about it but yeah smyth thoughts on that let's see we had the portland trailblazers facing off with the houston rockets houston when this one ninety six ninety four played a pretty decent game considering the fact that no damian lewis wasn't damian lillard wasn't in this one i it's for the trailblazers you had evan turner with ten points three rebounds three assists for six to a two from three point line joseph nurture chat fourteen points eleven rebounds shot seven to twelve cj mccollum to twenty five shots in this one only had seven of them had sixteen points five rebounds four assists two of nine and then off the bed you had wayne baldwin with fourteen point three assists six ten to three from three pauline for the rockets who had trevor rees oh with ten points one rebound one for eight to five from three point nine klinka pella had eleven points ten rebounds shot four six chris paul had twenty seven points five assists four rebound shot eleven nineteen three of eight from the three point line james harden had twenty four points seven assists six months shot seven at thirteen three six three point nine they're just businesses usual for the rockets here i mean it's nice that started play a little bit better than what they were obviously had hard out for a couple of games chris paul was out a couple of games after that but you want to be going into the playoffs pretty much playing their best basketball only really need to worry about the rockets doing that because the fact that they're such a well rounded team right now the portland they're currently the three sea port is not going to be giving them that three island unless they wanna nice little losing skid to and the seasoning got what three out of three games left currently on game losing streak and they still haven't lost any round as far as that three she goes i mean they've been two games up on whoever's that whoever's been forced for while now so i don't think they have anything to worry about that.

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