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Front runner is Michelle Floren Oy. She served in a number of Pentagon roles in his considered a political moderate who favors strong military cooperation abroad. She would be the first woman to head the Defense Department that President Trump delighted supporters gathered near the White House, making the drive by in his motorcade Saturday morning as they protested the election results. Meanwhile, the Republican leaders and four critical states, one by Biden, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin say they won't participate in illegally dubious scheme to flip their state's electors to vote for Trump in the electoral college. Several noted that such a move would violate state law and the vote of the people. I'm Ben Thomas. AP News Tyler showed threw for 312 yards and four touchdowns in 11th ranked organs. 43 29 come back over Washington State Joke tosses 15 yard scoring strike to Travis died late in the third toe left the Ducks to a 21 19 lied. He added a short TD pass to Johnny Johnson and the opening seconds of the fourth to push the lead to 28 19. I called to second half touchdown passes and the Ducks piled up 582 total yards in improving to two on our freshman jaded Laura threw for 321 yards and two scores for the Cougars, who led 19 to 7 but couldn't stop the Ducks in the second half. I'm Dave Ferrie paid. Ramsey threw for 212 yards and three touchdowns. Altera Maja Kia Bowman, an eight yard TD pass on the opening possession and the Chinchilla Bowman's three years scoring drought and gave the Wildcats of seven Nothing lead. Northwestern's defense also made too late stops to preserve 1/5 straight Big 10 win. It's the school's first foreign Oh, start in league places. Coach Pat Fitzgerald was still playing in 1996 paid. Ramsey threw for 212 yards and three touchdowns all to remark to Kiev. Bowman in 23rd rank Northwestern's 27 20 verdict over Purdue. An eight yard TD pass on the opening possession. And it's Ukiah Bowman's three years scoring.

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