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A. M. Schenectady W. G. Y. F. M. Albany and I heart radio station nine o'clock at news radio eight ten and one oh three one W. G. wine I'm Reid shepherd rain and wind equals power outages and delays on the roads your top stories in one minute but first traffic and went out calm the G. Y. accu weather forecast it'll be very windy today mostly cloudy and cooler as well with a few showers around what to watch for flooding in some areas the high fifty one breezy tonight's with considerable cloudiness the low forty one partly sunny and breezy too mild high fifty four for Saturday and Sunday sunny skies high Saturday fifty eight hi Sunday sixty one with Iraq with forecasts on my the gong Li a news radio eight ten and one oh three one W. G. Y. rain wind forty seven at news radio a ten and one oh three one W. G. wine top story it has not been an easy morning on the highways significant delays on the interstates and major surface streets continue at this hour Central Avenue in Albany remains closed in both directions of the underpass because of high water national grid now saying twenty six hundred customers are without electricity in Queensbury restoration is expected around nine thirty no restoration estimate yet in scary county or about a thousand or without service another hundred and sixty in colony flood advisories continue from the capital region out through the Mohawk valley and just coming in watch out for a downed tree this is on route to approaching a route twenty two the town of Petersburg scary county DA says recent allegations against may but those are Mavis discount tire don't remotely exonerate prestige limo operator naman Hussein WG wise Mike Patrick the letter to the judge George Bartlett Susan Mallory's as well she doesn't condone some of made his business practices they weren't a factor in the crash that left twenty dead but my manager was there and took a spring jump claims made his balls of light invoices and didn't perform break work on the level before the crash saves attorneys the virtual parts claim proves their client didn't know the level was unsafe when Mallory contends that doesn't.

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