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YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet for let's talk traffic right now here's Kira Jordan hearing of any blocking problem on the westbound I. ninety as being reported is just east of right near I actually think it's kind of closer to mid span of the bridge because that's where I see at the big break in traffic and that's going to be leaving traffic slow from bell island crest way into the area still seeing delays so I'm with bell five twenty is you're coming off the water to I five so still delays on both of those trips out of Bellevue into Seattle cellphone for five slow from five to seven to five two two I'm back on the breaks through Kirkland north bound for files been having a very heavy morning from the valley freeway into new castle much of our drive on south on I five is now cleared out though it is still seeing some crowding as you're approaching the ship canal bridge in working toward the convention center north and I five is continuing to drag from mid Boeing field to Seneca and then north bound ninety nine is seeing delays that start a little bit north of Lucille very heavy toward the end of the tunnel this traffic reporter sponsored by Washington state department of transportation and good to go heads up Seattle holding for the ninety nine total begins November ninth get your free good to go sticker pass at ninety nine total dot com while supplies last and you'll save two dollars Everytime you tunnel our next couple traffic at nine thirty four weather wise or looking at clouds showers and increasing rain this afternoon highs only about sixty to rain is likely overnight and into tomorrow morning we will also.

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