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One hundred ninety eight pounds in one year. Couldn't get two hundred extra too. I would've sweat that off on the scam. Appointing give our condolences and tell us. Point next time. Absolutely luck externalize strike again. Do do do you feel? I'm starting you know, we do a a sort of the haves and the half knots. Like, so we're constantly painting. This thing where it's like a handful of people are getting richer and everyone else's getting poor. But I'm starting to think it's that way spiritually like I think there's a handful of folks that are just going out getting like like into the brain into the body into all the science and neuro biology and science and all the stuff we're discovering about what the brain. And then doing all the things that DP yoga, I did cold plunges. The extender runs are listening to this all the stuff that's out. I'm not talking about rubbing crystals and praying to smoke in hoc, I'm talking about like real nutrition, real, spirituality, real whatever. And then the other half is. Just eating at AM PM because they have tacos that have been shoved into corn dogs at now have chili and they're just going to veg out on fortnight or ironically events with Novell. No veg. Yeah. Yeah. There is no vad inventing out. And they're just gonna play endless video games in binge-watch. You know, whatever whatever the latest Netflix series is like do you feel like like remember they talked about like there used to be middle class? It used to be. I'm talking about a middle class, but not like a class. Middle class. I'm just like a wellness middle classic. There's no was morbidly obese when I was a kid. It's not fifty fifty no not now like in five or eighty seven or eighty nine eleven. No, the people who can't be all those eleven shots that number. Well, what you're saying? Two hundred ninety eight pounds certain never to sort of people don't have to work at it. Certain people can eat plastic which is kind of knowing for the people who really gain weight by looking at food. So what I try to everybody is trying to educate them, and I have them watch movies the movies, you'll never see on cable or network television. But was like food Inc. Genetically GMO O M G like watch those movies cause you'll never see them on the main stations because how could they have Papa John's for five ninety nine. Now US me being you too far apart you're younger than I am. But we're not far apart thirty years ago. Do you remember when Little Caesars anyway hits little stake in his thing with flippity pizza pizza? Six ninety nine thirty years ago, bro shouldn't that pizza be like forty seven dollars right now. Well, if you think about the house. You're living in and how much that cost at the time and the car that was parked out in the driveway and how much that cost at the time. The house has gone up four times the cars gone up for times the pizzas got cheaper. And of course, we talked about all the time. I mean when I was a kid or young, you know, you get tacos ninety nine cents or they're still ninety nine cents. Everything is still in sanely insanely cheap. I mean you go through Hakko ballot. I've done Taco Bell before had a crew four or five guys like working for the house and go like I'm going gonna run, and I go, you know, get much tacos burritos. Okay. That'll be nine twenty seven. Forty pounds worth of being from you guys. And I got four Hungary dudes back there, and I didn't even spend ten bucks. If you could get five things for five dollars. I don't care. What brand it is? What the hell could be in there. So again, when I moved Jason Scott into my house for the resurrection state, which is also on Amazon prime as well. Whenever the first thing I did was give me real food like the food that God created like can actually heal you. You're not gonna find a lot of doctors tell you that because they want you to take the prescriptions because that's what they know. That's what they've been sold, and they really don't wanna pull their heads out of the ground at the real food because that's kind of like a job again. Well, also will heal you..

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