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'cause I bet you that about out ninety five percent of US would never ever ever we might talk internally. Wish had company would do something different. You might go to your Boston. Say Hey can we make this change or have you considered this. Have we considered something. It's better for the environment you know that kind of a conversation internally unle may go on right but you don't write a public policy document and publish it and have employees sign it and put it online it most companies. That doesn't fly. It really doesn't it. This is the real world not the make believe world. Some people are living in. We start we need to have a little bit of a line in the sand. We need to start bringing ground truth back to reality here right because you know too. Many people are living. This alternate universe. There is no way there was no way that I would stand for open public criticism. If someone's someone's got to beef to grind come to me talk to me work through it right and if we can't come to an agreement and maybe maybe this job is not for you. I would obviously listen anyone to get people's opinions and try to see if we can work something and do some reflection and talk with my team you know but openly publicly criticising That's not gonNA end well in most companies. I think we all realize that right so they were threatened for climate change criticism. They were told future. Communication policy violations nations could lead to termination companies have policy books right so if they don't follow Paul you sign that right when you sign you have an assignment plane point. Greement you get a policy booked. It tells you usually what you can and can't do right. So what makes people think. So what makes people think that they are going and to not have retribution for this. Yes shirts public thing is republic. It's you know well. It's a big news item. We're talking about it here. So here's the statement that Amazon said and listen to this wording. Our policy regarding external communications nations is not new and we believe a similar to other large companies. We recently updated policy and related approval process to make it easier for employees to participate spate external activities such as speeches media interviews and use of the company's logo as with any company policy employees may receive a notification from our HR HR team. If we've learned of an instant where policy is not being followed now ray goes see. Yes first thing I ask people is. Can you talk on camera and usually depending how big the company and they'll say no we have a person will talk to you. We have communications director. We have a PR person person. I can't speak on camera or they'll say let me go ask if I can speak on camera and we're just doing an interview simple interview for product but yet there's a policies we walk in the boot. We just know the bigger the booth. There's if it's twenty by twenty booth almost guaranteed that the person that meets us will not be able. We'll speak on camera but sometimes person comes right over his the PR person. Yup I can talk on camera. No problem or against the engineer and talking the engineer I said can you talk I really. Can't I said can you ask. And they'll ask and then I'll have the public relations or the communications director. Whoever's there I say they please I put John headset. You can listen to the interview. There's anything of issue we can work out work through that and that's usually the agreeable. That's how we go forward but we know that not every employee can talk on camera or allowed to speak. It's just the way it works and I'm sure you work at a company that may have disciple rules too. So why are people freaking out. When they say they were threatened? No they were threatened they were given given an hr notice to say listen. You do this again. You're going to be terminated right. They were lucky they were lucky. They weren't terminated for just. Yes 'cause I'm spot. Martin says this is why I've always said to think before you say or act on something on publicly on camera and he social pr any platform period. Think smartly. Yes I agree you know I how. How many have you been pissed? And you've written a facebook post or twitter post or something and you've got the point you're GonNa hit send and he said No. I have to do that a lot because if I say something that I if I'm thinking something and I want to say it the next thing when Scott Hamilton my board direct water director members is gonNA come may say. Hey I saw your tweet. We're GONNA talk about that explored media. I'm held accountable so I have have to think before I hit send and believe me. There's plenty of times I WANNA hit. Send unstopped where people are doing stupid stuff for. There's you know I really am outspoken. As it is so it's hard for me to throttle back and I do at throttle back all the time. Imagine if I was free will couldn't do it can't so they were threaten it. Yes they were threatened. You'll little piece of paper in you know in in in the navy. They called page thirteen. If you don't if you don't go to judicial in J P if you don't go and get and see the see the you know the second commander or the boss man and they wanna put a little letter reprimanding your record. You get a page thirteen. You don't have to sign it. They they write it up. Says this is what's going in your record. You can probably write a statement if you want about contesting it or whatever but it's gone in your record and when you go up for a promotion that's in your record and maybe he'll get promoted again because you have a unit you could have. Punitive did letter of reprimand and his page thirteen now. There can be positive. Wants to you. Get those assay. Hey He did a great job he saved the baby or whatever. It can go both ways but usually when you're saying you get the page thirteen you like you know. I got page thirteen. That was stuck in my record until I transferred from one place many many many years ago and I can't even talk about it today. It was incident happened overseas in some stuff happened. And you know my whole crew. Basically said they had naughty naughty. You are supposed to do that. You weren't upholding the upper bearing we're going to put this near record and if you do anything anything while you're still in this command in you get in trouble we're going to hammer you. There was like thirty guys. It all had this in their records. Here's and we all had to tip toe for our remaining time there and when we left the they pull it out of our record and it was basically a temporary a piece of paper that was basically there as a how shall we say it molding a molding or You you know Behavior modifying process and it worked very well so Any and and maybe some of you guys have a something in your jacket at work. Maybe at told a supervisor to you know you know stick. The Sun didn't shine or something to that effect and didn't get fired but anyway Yes this is this is A. We are a country of of Capitalist companies that need to make money and you make your employer look bad. It's not going to end well for you because you know what they may say. Oh it's okay but you know what's going to happen. We all know how this works right. We all know how this works year. Okay don't worry no problem and then the next three promotions you're passed over and like what was happy. Oh no you're good. You're all good. Welcome to team having a combined in yet in the back room. I like this guy's not get promoted. It's come on. We all know how this works. Yeah got threaten hail years. You got threaten just cracks me up it really really. He does okay. y'All had fun with me here. So we'll move on something. Cool record occurred bait a record-breaking NASA astronaut welcome set cade with stunning moon rice photos now astronaut Christina Koch. Welcome the decade and plans to return the moon with a stunning moon. Rice photo now. She recently set the record for longest space mission by a woman. She still aboard the International Space Station looking to the future. So she's been on the International Station now for I think at least six six months so I think we talked about her in the past and So I don't know if she's on the list to go or not. Oh that she is one of seventeen ladies that could be chosen to be part of the first crew to land on the moon with Artemis so Anyway exciting stuff and get this moon. Rice photo can see it and it's not something super spectacular in kind of what we had all see on on a cloudy day but Nicest she she nice to see her. Put that out there. And congratulations for her record. Setting okay the California rainy. CPA is in effect and actually for six months is kind of like this trial period. Pete companies have time to get their act together a sophomore little bit about this today on the podcast insider but fire Fox will let users delete collected data. Thanks to California's new privacy law and they're making this ashamed browser and not just for users in California. This is smart because you know this is what happened to us with. GDP are we just made it global 'cause because it was to ease too hard just set it up for You know for the EU only spent this new privacy law is California residents the right to no what personal data people ask delete their data and not sell it Mozilla says it changes making undersea. CPA will apply to every fire Fox user and Again give users the option delete their data collected by the company in the next version of the browser which is set to release on January seven. Firefox it doesn't collect data on the website visit or search queries but Mozilla said it lets users choose to lead clemency data which covers things like comey tabs. Her Open or how long session was Moselle. says he uses his stated improve performance insecurity of.

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