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I like the way like Chris is talking about what are they trying to put five on? What? Sounds good. At least. This. Okay. So I'm looking at the trailer. But this is what happens when you move out of what conned into the suburbs. Oh, yeah. Not in Nacchio Bahir, man. I was thinking he got the health of the crew for black Penn got that black package deal going. No. But. I was watching this trailer. Man. I let me let me just say that. All right. I'm not gonna even play. No, I'm not gonna I love this trailer. Sure, not great at trailer, very very creepy and very effective. It really is. And you just to make it as well. I know I know what what I like about. It is how is how they first of all they get you into the into the trailer by all the fans out there all of the I like how they got fans on different levels with this. Because the the first thing you see is that is Jordan Peele just showing his movie geeky because he's in one shot just one shot. He's already given a mosh to believe Spielberg and George Lucas, you know, you got that kid back there where Josh shirt not. I think that's what you Baca mask. That's where with mask or something. I don't know. But. In like that he's doing that nod right there. It's because throughout the trailer. I liked it. The kid is he never taste that you Baca mask off that one kid that has their favorite toys or something like their safety blanket. Very creepy address. It weird things. Yeah. Got his ass like a house negro, right? Vo tied. Dinner, jack. Baca was serving on the plantation. Ironically. Like the kid before the trailer even gives anything weird happening. The kid is already weird. Or of course, he's the one that knows all the weird stuff. Because no one else is looking at it. Exactly. Exactly. So he's already two kids. Do they do, you know, an observant typically it's funny because like this kid is he's already kind of already. He's already off. He's like one of those guys. He's perfect book film school like he watches movies so much that he's just social shosha socially retarded. He's just kind of like he just socially off a little bit. Yeah. Which is playing to the film because like you say seeing like he's the one that starts to see things before anybody else. I noticed counters the candy man at one point just stand outside in the middle of the beach, scarecrow or fingertips and ammo. Yeah. Look at it. This is like any kid would be like, man. Thank for what this dude over here. He goes straight on. Hey, mister, you, okay. Actually think in the movie that that is probably just a homeless red herring. Macguffin are red herring or something? Yeah. But although you see that the even with things that might just be normal not part of the movie, you can see that. They are ready to have ominous thing going on like, this, whatever it is whatever's going on this guy has bloody hands. Why you know, what is going on kid almost route reminds become a black version of Danny from the Schaal sharia? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Sure. Of course, so far, though, how you feel about like I said what I loved about is just like how it's edited. And how it just slowly builds just awareness by setting that up and like his parents reactions and everything like that. And then you have this his weird Doppler gainer family that comes in and how they are. I mean, they're like the family, but they're not they're more animalistic and. They're moving. It's just that is something. You have like a regular human guy only krone up a tree or hopping over things are a walk on walls. And whatever that's always just considering it makes it more creeping. Yeah. Absolutely. Matching uniform got matching uniforms. Let's your superhero. This is really weird the whole family. We hope win jumpsuits nice uniform not uniform, but now aware red jumpsuit. Yeah. Some people in prison with new incredible 's families. Yeah. No in what what what I like is that he's worked. He's worked some of the culture into the heart. Because that's what I was saying. He's he's already showing his film geeky out to folks should have a notch to that. But I liked that. He's a he's also brought in his not to black culture..

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