News in Brief 11 June 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations in New York Security Council members issued a statement on Monday offering their full support to the UN special envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths, after he was reportedly criticized by the government of the war ravaged country. A fragile ceasefire has largely held in and around the keyboard city of data since the signing of the Stockholm agreement last December the accord is seen as a first move to brokering a lasting peace between opposition who teas and the Saudi led international coalition backing the government in these Security Council statement members gave their unequivocal backing to Mr. Griffiths and called on the parties to engage constructively and continuously with these special envoy in a related development, the UN political and peace building affairs chief, Rosemary, dicarlo, met Yemeni President at rob Amancio Hattie in the Saudi capital Riyadh. They discussed the work of the Yemen envoy, and the way forward for advancing the fridge. Al ceasefire accord, and for returning to dialogue to reach a political solution to the white a conflict, according to a statement attributed to miss dicarlo the discussions were described as productive and miss dicarlo thanked president had for his government's commitment to full implementation of the Stockholm agreement fundamental change to the world of working polluting and e you wide minimum wage is needed to address the growing gap between society's haves and have nots French president Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday in a speech at the international labor organization's Santini conference in Geneva. mR Macron insisted that the accumulation of wealth in the hands of the few from globalization had created a law of the jungle. This had opened the door to damaging, nationalism, xenophobia and disillusionment with democracy. He said also at the Isla conference. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called on Member Sates to step up the fight against child labor of the one hundred fifty two million children forced to work globally. Some seventy three. Million were involved in hazardous activities. She said in support of Ireland's initiative to end the scourge globally by twenty twenty five and finally a landmark ruling by Botswana's high court that scraps laws against same sex relationships has been welcomed by you and human rights, top official, Michelle Basch, let in a statement on Tuesday, the U N, High Commissioner underlined that the high court had unanimously found sections of the penal code to be unconstitutional, and a violation of human rights such discrimination has impacts that go far beyond arrest and detention miss Bachelet said, noting that the criminalization of lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people could lead to them being denied health care, education, employment and housing, but swan as decision follows similar action in nine other countries in the past five years, including Angola, Belise India, and Trinidad and Tobago in Kenya last month. However, a similar constitutional challenge to overturn laws that discriminate against the. Lgbtq community was unsuccessful Daniel Johnson, UN news.

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