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The new york times they've put on countless subscription since he came to office they they do get a definite spike in interest every time he calls them the failing new york times but clearly especially even before trump got elected they were clearly trying to position themselves not merely as america's journal of record but the global news paper record trying to save themselves do you think that do you think that's a title they deserve no i think there are americans i mean i hallway the roberts say they have a special point of view i mean they definitely lack of hume lack of humor and i think it's it's really a sin for british journalists or british people in general and and well i mean they they've been doing their best but they can dominate the world like but got some very good brent journalist the particularly colorful goal who really sprung them with about the killing of osama bin laden that really the pakistanis new by this she she she really nailed that one but we've been reading off go have we about this in the new yorker the new yorker i think does a better job particularly long form journalism of real reporting the neither the times oh the post of the moment but the times the post i do agree going through a golden era at the moment but i do wish would more loves bring back arc book fold well basically what we need is an american newspapers resource we've with british journalists and perhaps the the coach and france and perhaps the national australia one but yes reiteration of when that is in the uk that he's sunday the twenty fourth of june on bbc two and that does bring us to the end off today show florence beat them and and robert folks thank you both very much for joining us up midori house the show was produced by ben ryland research by phenomena augusta per shake owned barabbas judy manage it was david stevens music next one thousand nine hundred it's monocle on design there's more on the day's main stories on the daily at twenty two hundred madari house returns tomorrow at eighteen hundred london time be your host for that as well a manager mullah thanks for listening.

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