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January 6th committee which has just wrapped up its second day of testimony Joining us live now is WTO's Mitchell Miller He is live at Capitol Hill Mitchell Witness after witness has presented testimony that they tried to tell former president Trump that his claims of widespread voter fraud were bogus One of them was former attorney general Bill Barr who says he was handed purported findings that looking over them he realized the president was buying into arguments that had no basis in fact I was somewhat demoralized because I thought boy if he really believes this stuff he has lost contact with EPs become detached from reality As the hearing wrapped up lawmakers looked at the fundraising the Trump campaign did after the election based on those bogus claims after the election there was testimony that $250 million was raised in several weeks including a 100 million a week after what one lawmaker called the big lie became the big ripoff Reporting live on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO B news One O four County sheriff's deputy is dead and a suspect now in custody This follows a shooting in pittsville Maryland last night Deputy first class Glenn Hilliard was shot in the line of duty while trying to arrest a fugitive wanted on felony warrants and a news conference today Sheriff Mike Lewis released the name of that suspect He's 20 years old 20 years old He goes by the name I'm a share something with you His name is Austin Jacob Alan ALL in last name Davidson 20 year old man Officer Hilliard a 16 year veteran leaves behind a wife and three children There was an arrest Saturday during the 2022 March for our lives on the national mall in D.C. the United States park police said a 21 year old man from coral gables Florida was arrested for interfering with a permitted event in the case the student led rally calling for gun legislation The exact charge against Mitchell Martinez was disorderly conduct creating fear and disorderly conduct disrupting a gathering Park police said their investigation revealed Martinez did not have any weapons and pose no larger threat to the public he was released with a citation to appear in court at a later date Last month Boeing moved its headquarters into Northern Virginia which is now home to most of the country's biggest military contractors Today a new partnership was announced with the state it's aimed at helping veterans to succeed in life after the military All right how much fun is this Virginia governor Glen youngkin was all smiles as Boeing announced the center for veteran transition and military families which will be housed at Virginia tech's innovation campus The innovation campus was just an idea of many years ago and it is absolutely in Boeing fashion rocketing Into the future to make this big move with our veterans has deep meaning to Virginia tech Virginia tech president Tim sands says it'll help provide tools for veterans looking to move into tech fields They will have access to our programs with a to be certificates or master's degrees and they'll be project based learning In crystal city John dome in WTO news New today governor Larry Hogan has announced that more money is going towards projects intended to relieve traffic congestion in Maryland This 15 $1 million is slated for improving a 12 mile stretch of Maryland route 90 from U.S. 50 to Maryland 5 28 Build in a 1970s Marilyn route 90 was initially constructed to get beach bound travelers to growing areas of northern ocean city as drivers know it worked It has become a traffic hotspots since then Stay with us coming up after traffic and weather How COVID case numbers are looking now in Maryland's largest county I'm Christy king One O 7 Here's.

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