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Of busting breaths chops, like short in the rotation, like, you don't feel awesome job. I mean, you know, they had that little stint there when it was, you know, I think it was Nesmith and Pritchard and semi and whoever and you're looking at there, was one starter left and you're like, oh, you know, like off the scoring's of worried when you think of this step too because it's worry, it's good, it's good. You could get those defensive rebounding minutes from Langford, but he's not going to give you any score yet, but he had a cut cutting way up a game. Is that and you woke up and down the score-sheet tonight, it's a miracle. They scored 118, you know, they played good enough defense where they only needed 101, the win this one. But Thompson was legitimately your thoughts option here with smart laboring or whatever and everything and get all the bad things Thompson does. Yeah. Every time you caught the ball, he bring it down low and he tried and he tried to drive a little bit and you're like a bad free-throw shooting game too. Yeah, but we should be a computer G and he was good but I am this sucked. I don't know what it was dead terrorist. How aggravating of the Toronto again but like, how can you aggravate it that bad? Just like, you know. Thanks thankfully it wasn't like twisty me spraying tear off with something bad, so that's a relief but like if that's going to happen on a play like that and he's going to go down in such freaking Agony. I don't know what that we didn't like the way he was moving early. It was nice dog. Are but he wasn't himself. Now, if you can get him standing up and, you know, the grid through 14 minutes and make some nice plays again. Like, I don't think there's a legitimate choice of major injury playing through this, which is fine. They're going to get another like four or five days here before they play again, so maybe he can stand out there and give you at least ten twelve minutes again, but it feels like the wage reacting to this..

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