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The second of the plunge and so we could gather together with the scientists the engineers with the public with our own families you can think of as as a giant worldwide cassini family and share this final moment up the plunge and have that memory to add to our cassini scrapbooks and if i had one thing i could say the cassini i'd say goodbye cassini thanks for the ringside seeded sattar and as thomas said we'll be back thank you girl maize him linda spill corrupt the cassini mission standing quietly toward the rear of the auditorium was john grunsfeld we last talk with him when he was still nastase associate administrator heading it science mission directorate like elon so fan john it also served as the agency's chief sign scientists and john road the space shuttle into low earth orbit on five missions you were in charge of the science mission directorate at nasa said during a good piece of this mission that we just witness the the end of i could certainly understand why you're here but how does appeal actually it's it's through the gratify find the cassini mission was we can say that now is so incredible from start to finish and it's a great example of what i think nasser science does best which is to come up with something extraordinarily challenging aspirational where we are going somewhere the.

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