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See people with newly diagnosed cancer. We see people with recurrent cancer when all the chemo and standard radiation and surgery didn't work or isn't wanted is tolerated. I just talked about a woman from Taiwan with a Colangelo Carson Nomo's scatter treatment, then got talked into chemotherapy and should chemo now has terrible neuropathy paint in the hands of the feet. And so upset about it compared to our treatment where she came in with our treatment. We hit the cancer, not invasively with no side effects. So there's many reasons people come to us to get better results to get different results to learn about all the options. We also see patients who have suspicion of cancer like a lump in the breast or the long or the pancreas, liver or have blood in the year and are bloody discharge or blood. From the stool or coughing up blood. There's many, many reasons people come to us except most insurances, Medicare, Medicaid or super conveniently located. We're here for you if you want. What about 87 year old man and so sad? You care now about people in Italy, where they're stopping, treating people are older than 80, and over. 70 and I read a report. There's stopping treatment of people over 60. Well, we're a little bit different here at 34 Broadway. We treat all patients equally. Well, talk about 87 year old man He's married. He came with his wife. He was married 50 years gloving relationship and he had a mass in the kidney in a mess years ago, and he was followed in two of the biggest super super famous hospitals kind of possible sometimes. Oh, did you go here? Do you go? There must be great. If you went here and you went there. We went here and he went there at the biggest hospitals. And the mass was is growing. And everyone ignored this mass and this kidney. I guess they probably ignored it because he was 87. They thought, Well, he's 87. When we don't deal with people that way we treat each person as an individual here, and he had this growing mass who got all the scans scans over years of the biggest hospitals. You got scans over years showing this mass in the kidney was growing. Finally, at a biopsy. It was found to be a Kidney cancer with pain. He had pain in the flank..

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