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Dehumanizing you so that neck like a dog it's alright any it rob blake begrudgingly shore short my neck uh huh well you know that this is uh it's the opposite of how god want you to peel about yourself in fact this the truth is how at times people treat other people meaning you this is at times uh dehumanizing it's not normal and garden stead does not want you to live in a state of fear because these do not fear for i am with you do not be dismayed for i am your god i will strengthen you and how q i will uphold you with my righteous right hand so his in hit is when you yield your will to his well more and more he will strengthen you to such an extent there one day you can say i can do all things through christ who gives me strength i don't have to fall prey to somebody else the strength because he when your child you don't have a choice do you why now i want you to say this with me that was thin this is now during that is sent out electric now good sayed again one their land that is now more time that was blameless hick l two seats that to mindset that we need to truly have because the bible says when i was a child i thought like a child i reasons child i'm an adult than sweetheart eur twenty one near an adult now that i'm an adult at the childish waste behind so what you were powerless to stop when you were a child you.

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