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Golf. Rachel Lindsay is not with us. He's emotions here in spirit. So Taylor, Steve Kerr's legacy. And, you know, we get into legacy talk and all the fallout after team loses in the NBA championship round. We know the next year is going to look, a lot different for the Golden State Warriors. No klay. No, Kevin Durant for next year if they have Kevin Durant at all going forward. This thing this thing is winding down, and no matter what remind or Steph says they have to have that ego. They have to have that, that kind of confidence to be to be at that level into to play at the level that they play at to, to make sure that they are under termed going into their, their their, their off-season where they have to get ready for another season and also have to show a lot more of the low than they've, they probably thought they would we could go or so. But Steve Kerr and all this, this is the second time now you know in five championships championship runs. Steve Kerr, you, can you can argue has been outcoached Tilahun did it in two thousand sixteen. I still think Tyron Lou gets enough credit for the coaching doesn't that he managed in the two thousand sixteen NBA finals, this year is more. There's more slack. There's more leeway in terms of the blame that you throw on Steve Kerr because. Yeah, no, Kevin Durant for all. But what twelve minutes of the series Klay Thompson was injured? A couple of different times during the series DeMarcus cousins. Was a shell of himself. Let's face it. He had one and a half really good games. And then after that, you know, three poor showings, it was all on Steph curry, it was all on guys like I'll so McKinney and kevon looney and quaint cook and Shaun Livingston. Andrea dolla guys that you did not think they would be counting on the top eight of their rotation. So it's not a lot, you could put on Steve Kerr. But if you want to the way, he handled some of the things in terms of the announcements of the injuries, especially after game five where he you know, he said that he thought that they would not going to be any worse than they were guys couldn't get any more hurt than they were in a former player. I'm I'm hearing say that thinking, man, you played Steve like you can't believe some things that are coming out of your mouth. Def yeah he doubled down with some of the anger, or some of these stride and talk the day after as well Taylor. What will you be saying about Steve Kerr when this run is over? I don't know that honestly I don't because there's part of me that wants to say. Well, you know, he put it together where maybe Mark Jackson couldn't even though I think Mark Jackson is unfairly criticized. If there's if that's a lack of a phrase for, you know what I'm saying? Foundation was laid the foundation. I'm not sure he was allowed to he wasn't. He wasn't allowed to see it through. So who's to say he might not have done it, but I see where I'm with you on this is that he's been coached in two of the series. Now, this year is a little difficult for me to say he was because he had no Kevin Durant on the other hand, I would say, isn't that where a coach in the NBA may be more. Influential in how does that wear when you have Kevin Durant? What are you really doing? I mean not to downplay coaching but what are you really doing if you're Steve Kerr in the NBA finals, if everyone's healthy, you're not you're just goes? Yeah. At that point. Right talent. It's hard to mess up. I actually believe his legacy will be will be determined more by what he does this season, coming up because Kevin Durant will not be on that floor. Klay Thompson will not be on that floor for good amount of time if they've resigned, it's going to be on show. Yeah. And if they put together a roster right put together a little bit more complete roster at best of their ability with obviously, the luxury tax in the situation, what's going on, because obviously, you're going to give to max players, Kevin Durant states. But he's not going to I think this, I think it's like he's actually influx soda speak based on the this season coming up because I think if they have a successful season, one, I think if they even make the playoffs and Klay Thompson, does even by that's an accomplishment in itself. Then I think you're going to say Steve Kerr, his legacies and more of a positive light than it is after the two NBA finals. We got out. Coached by Tyron Lou. And then obviously this one here. I'm not totally sure I don't think Steve Kerr's, one of the greatest NBA coaches. If you're asking me right now, top my head, I don't think of it that way. I just don't number of titles one. All time Phil Jackson with eleven. You know obviously got the six titles with the with the bulls. And then he's got the five with the late show. Red Auerbach with nine John cooed LA with five to Pat Riley with five four with the Lakers, one with the Miami Heat. No, six Gregg Popovich has five spanning the course of fifteen sixteen years sif car as three and then you get Chuck Daly with the two and Tommy Heinsohn with two red wholesome with two Casey Jones with two Rudy Tomjanovich, too. So he has separated himself in that third tier of guys aren't Phil Jackson Red Auerbach, but guys who aren't Chuck Daly, time heights? And some of these other guys who only have two so he is he's in that middle. Tier of all time greats. When we talk about NBA head coaches in the compliments now all these teams and all these coaches had players feel had shaggy Kobe before that Jordan Pippen, and then Robin at the end there, right Red Auerbach head. John have check and all these guys and Bill Russell and dudes with no free agency was allowed. So when you had guys you had them for very, very long time, and then Oscar Robertson, of course, helps provide a way for players to, you know, chart there to win only three of the five with this amount of talent. I actually think that hurt Steve card. It should be four out of five obviously. Right. When you up three to one in the most monumental downfall, most monumental choke job in all of NBA playoff NBA finals history. It should be four five. If it is for five are we talking, are you are you telling twelve and talking about him in a different in a different science? Okay. Yes, I am. Because because the name Judas mentioned the, the all time greats. Pat Riley Red Auerbach, Phil Jackson, not losing that series of your three one. They're not great. Popovich is losing that series. So when you look at that and I'm not trying to downplay what Tyron Lou did. I do think Tyron Lou actually, I'll coach Steve Kerr, but that's kind of where I'm getting at I think Steve Kerr's four out of five or five five right now. It's, it's an exponentially different conversation, but he's not. And I think that has shown itself this year's the only one with an astronaut because of the injuries, but then I do think there's a good argument to be had well that's where the coach has impact to only certain extent, I think Nick nurse was fearless the way he coached. I think the way he got after I think the way he'll he needed to be in order for the rafters to beat the warriors, but I think Steve Kerr's legacies completely different if we're talking at least four out of five right now because then you could make the argument well the injuries this year fine, who would have done that. But the fact that it's three out of five and the way it ended with the sound bites in an ex player and what he's saying that's where it throws a little bit in flux for me. And I think his legacy could be more positive after the end of next year depending. On what he does with that Rosser. That's given to them and his two losses. He lost to first time at coaches as well. Tyron Lou now it's a great nugget. Speaking of Nick nurse Kendrick Perkins had this to say on the jump. Nick knows win scared it all he did things that we haven't seen in a long ever he went boxing was, and he still to what he believed. And you gotta give him credit as a first year coach. I thought he made a just miss at the Justice down to, to Milwaukee, he come back. He make adjustments. They win the series. I can't give enough credit him and his coaches staff men, and they were really great. And they played a major in this. We'll continue to talk about this, and you.

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