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Taking a look at your forecast for today with chief meteorologist the off, Dan. Well, a cold this morning, low to mid forties or some shower activity off to the south of right now the Dallas Fort Worth area. It's getting close to start got a lightning strike. Actually there looks like right in Hillsborough this west Hillsborough. This is a little ripple of energy coming off the main system that's in the desert southwest and Michael talking about here shortly about snow in places that don't see it very often. I system comes through some scattered showers, maybe rumble thunder through the day today. Not too too much though, low fifties tonight, mid forty s a few more spotty showers rumble of thunder possible. Same thing for the first half tomorrow. But by tomorrow in the late afternoon and evening and overnight. The whole system will start to swing through the Rockies and into the central plains states. That's our best chance for more, measurable rain. Maybe a quarter to a half of an inch before it gets out of here by noon on Saturday and then Wendy warm, west winds warmest to sixty sixty five degrees on Saturday cooler effort fifties as a cold front comes through a week one into Sunday. So nice weather for Monday and Tuesday as well. Right now against storms a little storm approaching from the south were at forty four here at KRLD. Your news all day with traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the eight NewsRadio ten eighty KRLD. Last week. It was flurries this morning here as the actual accumulation of snow on the ground in Vegas. By told me to drive coach possible. So. I'm really excited that it's snowing. It's snowing a lot right now. And it's the first time it's happened in Vegas since two thousand eight was supposed to continue all day, the high temperature today in Vegas, forty degrees, and and snow coming down and then again more tonight. They've you think the weather conditions are harsh where you live. Now. Here's a forecast that's out of this world. Need a quick check. On the weather on Mars Nassar's. Latest. Lander has been set up to broadcast daily weather updates from the surface of the red planet. And if you think it's cold where you are the insight Lander recorded, a low of one hundred thirty eight degrees below zero on Sunday and a high of just two degrees inside also keeps tabs on atmosphere pressure and wind speed this week's forecasts originate from Alaba plain, not far from the Martian equator. Jim.

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