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Building and now we just get on there he talks straight ball so from a standpoint been able to do more this offseason now this means so much more after you guys you guys actually and that's what she does not see so much because of the eighties you know we get these three weeks of teaching again overseas so you could evaluate them and coach off the film they were going right and wrong and then they get away for a month of training camp starts so that's what they're gonna miss now as those temperatures we gonna know to use the mini camp that I'm a really crucial to get guys ready to go it also reduced usually chance talk about the rookies obviously the draft players but also the list of R. one drafted players your body and is it even more of a challenge to get there this training camp to get them up to speed because she has to go through the mental reps but it's all new and then maybe that much time on the actual bill no joint practices alleging will it be to get the rookie sake speed on a missing huge challenge Mrs Johnson rookies every year and they only get that once you stop the draft which struggle behind there and then they go to training camp and they got about a month to make its either you don't realize how hard it is to make when you only have ten doesn't practice what you don't have a they can come and go faster it's it's a huge issue Knockin notes you guys but it's nothing new I mean I mean I'm born Solomon Thomas.

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