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Trainer Chris Markowski. He's the watchdog. Exposing the lies and myths that the big brokerage firms the mainstream press and the government are pushing to keep Americans away from financial freedom. You can't handle the truth through bringing America the truth about what really happens in the financial world. Ladies and gentlemen, we're not here to indulge in fantasy, but in political Economic reality. This is the watchdog Welcome everybody. I was thinking I was thinking, um some of the stories in this past week I'm going to start off with Yeah, we're gonna actually start off with Eddy Van Helen. Learn about learned about the death of Eddy Van Helen was coaching my son's lacrosse team. And my son, Niko looked at its phone. We're on our way back, and I'm like no way. And instead of thinking about the the soundtrack to my youth, and I Proceeded, Tio start cranking some Van Halen tunes. In the car. I gave it a little bit more thought. Regards to some of the music back in the day seventies and Eighties type tunes and re listening to my podcast. As of late. You've been most certainly hear me hear me go off on some serious rants. About kids and the wussification of this country. I thought if I see you know really great. Gift. Really great gift for us. Hey, I like a new dad has got a son. And you know what daughters too? Don't I think about the girls. I went to AA high school with and they're all athletes and playing sports and how accomplished they are today and how tough they were. How great our high school soccer team was in women's basketball team of the matter, Boys girls. Yeah, really good. Get it. Get them a turntable..

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