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Dr Freeman. I think when this buyers hit the United States we heard a lot about how kids will largely be spared. Is that still your understanding yes To to a certain extent certainly the data initially from China suggested that children were essentially completely sperry with an incredibly low rate of children. Having even any kind of symptoms with at merging of this new inflammatory syndrome. That's CO related. It does make us think twice in. Certainly we have to be a little bit. More careful trickle in children who having fevers or other wise acting very unwell they need to seek medical engine. But I think it's important to be clear this isn't Children with low grade fevers and mild. Cold symptoms are very very sick with high persistent Iverson and then gastrointestinal symptoms Bemberg prominent. Do We know anything. More about Y. Kids are still largely spared from in nineteen. Not Exactly No. Fortunately most kids have few underlying health connections and certainly what we've seen in the adults who are very ill Kobe. It's largely the elderly on those with underlying medical conditions. But the exact details of white children seemed to be largely especially the respiratory symptoms are not entirely clear. So is that to say that the kids who are getting cove in nineteen in the United States and elsewhere are largely ones who have underlying conditions. I would make a distinction at the initial data seems to indicate that children who get respiratory failure in choir is like Positive pressure bend elation or intimation with the ventilator those children seem to be largely children underlying metal conditions that predispose them to respiratory failure whereas new inflammatory syndrome seems to be affecting all types of children without underlying supposing metal finishes once a child has Cova nineteen. Does it look any different in a trial than a dozen adult yes The key differences are adults with Kobe. Nineteen predominantly getting sick from respiratory failure in low auction levels whereas children. The restoration are less prominent and particularly those who developed this Amatori Syndrome often don't have respiratory symptoms or have minimal respiratory symptoms and symptoms from The GI tract including abdominal pain vomiting diarrhea much more prominent and then a lot of them are actually presenting very sick with low blood pressure and human dynamic shock where the is low and they need support with to help blood pressure if children do get cove in Nineteen. What are their recovery rates right? Now do we know generally speaking most children who are getting Cova Keener Still? Highly likely to be minimally. Symptomatic are asymptomatic. I'd say the overall rate is a full recovery is extremely I in those presenting with respiratory type of symptoms largely depend on their underlying medical conditions but for children who have a minimal underlying medical conditions. Also the recovery rate is very high last type of presentations with this highly inflammatory syndrome. With that we're still learning a lot but it seems that the majority of children's still recover fully although there have been a few concerning cases where children have not recovered. That have been recently. Reported knows children's Had severe involvement of our heart on and true heart. Failure Related Syndrome. So I guess with super high recovery rates and even low rates of infection and most kids being a symptomatic I I imagine. A lot of people are wondering why their kids can't go back to their normal lives. What would you say to those people who are wondering about that? I think there's two components to that. The first is from a global epidemiologic standpoint. The vast majority of children show no symptoms of respiratory illness. Or this new. I'm Tori condition It can still carry the virus and spread it to others in a global standpoint. Only way to stop spread is social distancing until we have a vaccine probably most importantly is that there it can be carriers of the virus. You've McNary symptomatic and second still learning a lot about this inflammatory syndrome and some children are getting very very very small number not survive and certainly we don't. We don't want to expose more children to the risk of developing Bama Syndrome or respiratory Elliott related to the next so. What advice would you give parents who are trying to maintain their sanity keeping their kids at home in this moment? I think the key thing to recognize. Is this still extraordinarily rare even with the new gap? That's emerged. Children are still much safer in this outbreak and adults particularly adults or elderly or have medical underlying medical problems in the vast majority of children are get back and still have minimal or no symptoms and even in the worst case the children who are getting a new inflammatory syndrome. We do have treatments. That are both supportive and help to decrease inflammation so I think if a child's having persistent Bieber's with Gi symptoms and otherwise acting. Very unwell the made to seek medical attention but overall it's still a very rare syndrome and most children recover. Well was supportive care. And the current. Anti inflammatory therapies. Thank you so much for your time. Thank.

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