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Stripe is a private company valued at 36 billion, founded by brothers Patrick and John. Collison looks like more like collision. If you put another eye in there who remains they remain citizens of Ireland, So I guess Trump can't touch him. Stripe alleges that President Trump violated the company's policies against encouraging violence following his reaction events at Capitol Hill. What did he do to encourage the violence? I really don't know how that went down anyway, There's that What else? Oh, we have a Florida nurse charged with allegedly trying to obtain $420,000 in covert relief. Ah Giraldo Caraballo Age 55 of Miami made the it's a He, by the way, made his initial. I know you want the same thing I did. A nurse is better. The woman that was a guy there. Male nurses, and you can't even call the male nurses now because that's sexist. His initial appearance in Miami federal courts, according to Associated Press he's charged with engaging in transactions and unlawful proceeds and making false statements to financial institutions. And trying to get $420,000 in covert relief. So there you go. He also scolded, has denied the Democrats bid. To have universal vote by mail in Texas Supreme Court turning away a Democrat bid to force universal vote by mail in Texas, leaving intact a state law. The least lets people cast no excuse absentee ballots on Lee if they're 65 years or older. The Texas Democratic Party and its allies argued unsuccessfully with law violates the Constitution's 26th amendment, which says the right to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of age. Well, they're not denying your Right to vote. They're denying that you can get a mail in ballot anytime you want. One. Voting by mail became a sharply partisan issue amid President Trump's Unsupported contentions is from news, Mac. The practice led to widespread fraud and the November election. Texas Republican governor and attorney general urged the Supreme Court to reject the Democratic appeal. So there you have Vance and I'm trying. I'm trying to unload the kitchen sink on your folks..

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