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Important. It's important. To remember. Uh I'm trying to keep myself in a good mood. You know, J black earlier he picked against my buffalo bills this weekend. He picked the Kansas City Chiefs, which come on. We're gonna go with the Champ. Yeah, that's a tall order. I'll give you that sort of the bills certainly are underdogs. But he surprised me that in the other game, he, uh Picked Tampa Bay over Green Bay, so I don't I don't see that I my objective football. I've been watching football since 1970 head my open mind here on open mind Friday. Uh All things being equal. I feel like this is probably green beige here, like Green Bay is the team is going to go home when the Super Bowl That's my objective. Non fan football. Mind says that yes, Jared Yamamoto, if you had listened to the power Pod Sports pod before the playoffs begun. J. Black picked Tampa Bay to go all the way the Super Bowl, So that's like, so he's just sticking with he sees he's being convinced my favorite podcast of all time. I also like Radio Labrador. One topic. Well, maybe maybe he would mention Radio Labyrinth, Your great podcast and one topic. Craig and Adam's great podcast. I don't I don't believe either of those podcast have ever invited J. Black on to be a guest, Jared. It's the shout out because he actually what is it Mama sports for millennials, because Yeah, J. Black has the has the demeanor and mind of a 67 year old, But he's actually a millennial that Z. He fits right in 23 years old. What is his early thirties? Right? A couple of years older than you, Jerry. I believe that these 34 35. He's a stat machine. I mean, he knows all this and you're going to like Georgia football or Georgia basketball. That's I don't stand for 93 years. Something like that. It's like when you pull up instead. Hey, hey, Justice tested AJ Bless you understand all this. Everybody give it to you. How was what was the was the Bulldogs? Uh, football record and in 1993 with winds losses. Mm hmm. Well, look, we go back 993. You got to think about it. Okay. Now look how they do in the conference versus how they did on pulling in at the end of the year. The Georgia Bulldogs ended up being 12 and five. I don't know what you don't even play that case. But if you're counting the exhibition games on here is that orders and shirts versus skins squads and just the word salad there. J Black. I think you're just stalling for time. Quarterback. Roger. Stop back through for $10,000 Gross. It s so you just that's just Jay. Black is he's passing out just like stature flying this super beer. Yeah, that's a great flavor to the power pod Sports, But we love having him look well, Let's say that you have the power to singles. You marry? Hurry up. You know what? Technically, his girlfriend Cristina, who is on the show is single because he won't put a ring on it. So, Jay, you know it could be the opening may be there for you waiting for my opening, Jered. Well, A J. You know what? Everybody is entitled to do what they want to do. So that's up to you, J What? What a millennial way, My lady. Oh, man, that is he stands up for his lady. Everyone has. What did you say? You're entitled to do what you want to do. So if you wanted Toc, you propose Hold on. There's that enshrined in, Ma, You're indeed to do whatever you want to do. So if you want to stay, you know, just Kristina has no mind of her own. If you just want to, like, take her. I guess that's up to you. I got drunk. We'll take a little nutcracker. I just say that 2021 away by the way, that was Lady Jaye. Black. Just heard. There's like to take my dates to the Nutcracker sometimes. Well, do you like going to the Nutcracker Want Lady J and I go out together. You know, I should go out together it ze Lady Jaye. Black dates J black. We're gonna have a baby J Black. Where? Where? Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Daddy! Mama! Of course we love J Black. All right. We got another open mic. You got a story as again. I've said it's open mind Friday. My mind is totally open. You could toss anything at me. Well, we heard from the millennial open, Mike just a minute ago, but we're well, that was actually look tip our cap. That was that was done in jest. And it was very good. Thank you. It was really good. Now we're getting it was like really good. We're like, Yes. And we're still getting open mikes like these. Eric, I want to know when you're gonna worry about the bill of rights as much as you worry about the national deficit. Okay, I'll tell you what I'm gonna do. When you start talking about something matter. I'll make a deal with you. Yes, when you smile, and I'm telling you you when you figure out you practice, Look in the mirror. It's tough if you look at me It was something that was that you showed your teeth That's probably that's dead. Just showing your teeth is not smiling. That zah fine line between the grimace and a smile. So when you talk about Bill writes like number one through too Well looks thereby response to you is, Of course, you're better than me and you think about the bill of rights, and that makes it just a better all the all the time single mindedly, I think about the bill of rights. All the time, sir. But I also think about the Constitution itself. And it kind of has a road map to a map of how we do these things way Don't continually. Uh, it was a continually fight back after the game is over. The game is over this time. The way you fight back. Well, the way you fight back is you get you get excited about the midterm elections and then 2024 you try to take it back. It's Zak vote. They don't matter. Anyhow, you go If you're going to give up on every institution all the time. I don't know what to say to you, and I don't know how you can preserve your Your bill of rights by a greater being behind a movement that stormed and seized the capital building one afternoon. How wasn't there? No, I'm not saying you know, I was, I would say that you were there. I'm saying that sometimes when you're in a movement If one part of that movement does something completely agree, GIs whether you like it or not, it colors the rest of the movement, and the truth is, although the media may not agree with you,.

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