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This right now, I think the remarks and expressions of Iran, governments war the Syrian Kersey, especially the the the steering Kurdish Democratic Union hockey is based on the fact that the worry about the upcoming very hostile. I mean, we strike launched by Turkey. The Syrian Kerr's wants the United States with tours their forces from Syria. So the the expression to show that they starting your own state over renting, tea and independence, and the what's the doing is trying to make the problem not internationally, not not the problem with Turkey about the own problem with authoring hurts people. So I think they are trying to show the determination who the Kurds. But also what's more important than once? The Kurds Turkey, especially I to hear their what that the are. They will be very strongly against any intervention from the Turkey in the future and officials from Syria and government, Iran and Iraq just met together to discuss their future planes about Syrian issue. So how do you look at the coordination among these three countries? The first we have to know that the Iraq. The question is kind of in theory issue is is critical for the Iran is the government there. I mean, I actually know that Iraq government is dominated by Shia we'll entering past year. We know that Iraqi sheared roofs, especially if your medicine groups. I mean, the successfully take the territories from the. Extremist groups, and we know that I though they'll so now Iraqi central government third. I mean, according to the Iran's perspective and varying courses channel connecting the the Iran one hand and the around the other hand, so this is a very important channel or the for the Iran. Well, for the Turkey that Iraq government is very very important ally to prevent the very ethical and the Syrian Kurds in northern Iraq. So that is why the three countries have some kind of connection that they will to bind them together. Well for the rock the are things to worry about the rebirth already merchants. Emergency of of the world. Beings the border areas between the Syria and Iraq because some of the I listen you hide in border areas that's near the Iraqi border inside of the feeling though they have to call in it to do something. Well, on the other thing, we know that they another problem that Syrian Kurds off of the rocky Kurds off somebody renting Kerr's, we know that we just mentioned that the PK out some the branches. In instance, I mean, the multi nascent Iraq, nothing not in the wet thing. But also, the direct and some of the local government, especially the local Kurdish government.

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