Aaron Rodgers, Packers, Cowboys discussed on America Tonight with Kate Delaney


You still in maine match how place else huh yes are kind of hearing you will hear do you think's gonna win green bay where the cowboys after or cowboys what's the score gloucester are we lost year shared if you call back in will make sure anti will grab the score from you i think someone was trying to interrupt your now the score let's get a dan in texas dan what do you think by green bay packers will win it thirty four twenty seven over bhutto boy thirty four thirty four to twenty seven and of course we saw what happened last year like i said and now aaron rodgers where i think it's i think it's to their advantage i big i think that that's their ads 34 twenty seven the dan says the packers and um i'll tell you if we look at it now dallas to into and uh the cowboys lost to los angeles it does kinda take a little bit of the hype out of the machine they they don't they look a a little less than than when they won eleven straight games a year ago and won the nfc east title but i think some of that is that is equal elliott isn't as effective on the field as he has been and of course there is the possibility the sixgame suspension that hangs over his head he's rush for two hundred seventy seven yards and only three point six per carry if you were to look at a stats a year sara go he was getting close to five hundred at this point getting close to five hundred yards and four point four carry that makes a little bit of a big difference there but i wouldn't stomped this fire out gest yet i think that they have to slow rogers down if they are going to beat rogers all right so much my guess is green bay i think green bay winds this and i think just like dan i think the score is.

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