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Don't hog the equipment rack your weights. But what about sivvy's touchy subjects explored by this weekend's, Jennifer Kushinka, it's a double edged smartphone. Seward Jim is want you to use your phone, but using your phone can open up all sorts of issues. Hillary pot quits, the Wall Street Journal joins us now for the latest on Jim phone etiquette. Hillary what are some acceptable things? You can use your phone for a fitness center. You know, everyone listening to music while they're on a machine or maybe people have their in this south and their workout setup for them on their phones. Those things are all, you know, perfectly acceptable not bothering anyone else for the most part those things are acceptable smartphone behavior. I'd say and what do gyms want you to use your phone for? They would love it. If you would post on social media, tag the gym. And, you know, take pictures of yourself and your amazing results Esa, Jim. And you know, you have a great time doing whatever it is that you do at their locations, but that brings up the issue of whoever's in the background of yourself fees, who maybe isn't aware that they're suddenly going to be posted all over social media. Hillary your story talks about crunch and a promotion they run for photos talk about that. You know, they have a promotion where if you post a photo to, you know, your public Instagram or Twitter feed and with the hashtag crunch TV. Will you have an opportunity to have your photo be broadcast on large screen TV's and your crunch Jim and you can get entered for giveaways like three personal training sessions or occasionally they'll do like free month's membership and things like that. We're speaking with Hillary puck with to the Wall Street Journal Hillary there certainly have to be some areas of. The gym where photos are off limits. Definitely the locker room any locker room area. I'm in almost every Jim does have signs, and they do say that camera us, and and camera phones are forbidden in the locker room. But that doesn't stop people. I think people I think they forget or maybe they're oblivious. And they're they wanna maybe they're embarrassed to take photos of themselves out in the gym floor. So they do it in the locker room. I don't know. But it's definitely an issue on people talk about suddenly realizing that someone is in there taking a photo of themselves or talking on FaceTime, and Skype. I think that on people forget that those video phone apps. You know, it's not just you that you're showing to you're the person that'd be other end of the final front line. Is anyone behind, you know, of course, the phones present problems in gym like they present elsewhere the over loud phone calls. There are other things about phones that annoy people around them definitely one thing that was a little bit of the prize to me is that family a lot of people bring their phone into the sauna. I've never seen that my gym. But I heard a lot of people complaining about it does people bringing their cell phone conversation into the sun. So everybody else in that small space has to hear your conversation whenever when you're trying to relax. So that's one thing the other huge petty that people have is people just getting sitting on a piece of equipment or a bench in the gym. And just getting stuck into their phones. Instead of actually using the piece of equipment, even though people might be waiting or you're looking over and wondering, hey, when can I get on that piece of equipment, and someone's just been sitting there texting can gyms do anything about that? Can they do anything? I don't really know. I mean, a lot of them they say that they they train their Seth to be aware. And when they walk Jim to sort of approach people politely and maybe remind them but short of banning the cell phone on exercise equipment. I'm not sure what Jim can do. And that we've already seen as a losing proposition at most gyms. I mean people want to be able to use their cell phones. Whether it's for music or taking photos, or whatever. So the phone is really become an integral piece of fitness gear. And it's about one Wall Street Journal reporter Hillary pockets with this weekend's, Jennifer Kushinka, thirty minutes now after the hour on this weekend. Iheartradio station. News ninety three point one KFB K. I'm Jordan Christmas. News ninety three point one k s became it's the fourteen year, the tour will roll through the capital city. The seven day.

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