President Trump, Clark, Daniel Wallace discussed on Sean Hannity


The country had closed down I can we can calculate how many people will die just like we can't calculate how many people would have contracted the disease and also died had the president not bravely withstood the criticism they can't do it truth is the biggest casualty doctors that will tell you you know of do no harm no better expert on hydroxy Clark when then Daniel Wallace I read his letter again nobody nobody wants to bring his works they can get one flawed negative study are you know they're not read directly from what he said you know a guy that is in peer review this period of forty two years of practice no patient my number's been hospitalized for eight C. Q. complication the rest of taking four hundred eighty Q. a day followed by a single six hundred milligram H. C. Q. loading those for thirty to sixty days nobody was getting about thirty or sixty days was five ten maybe twenty Max Hey said the risks are nil but for an allergic rash or an upset stomach but they don't care if they get hurt trump bludgeon trump never give trump credit that's their goal hundred ninety four days to go it's only gonna get worse Hey today's digital world well you're more likely to actually.

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