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It a listener. Matt. Roden was helpful insights into these hurdles for releasing old titles used to work at home video. He says the decision to release these older titles comes down to risk and it rarely makes sense on an individual title basis to take the risk. The risk is either financial spending money to clear a song or piece of stock footage or legal. When there's an unclear China title either for an entire TV. Or license media within an episode or movie. So I'll put the full response. He had up on the block so you can read it, but it's probably true. So he's making the point that it might take thirty thousand dollars to clear that one song in a movie like you're not gonna make thirty thousand dollars out of it. So it's going to be more systemic process to try to get those movies back online. Right now there's too much stuff to watch. So I, I mean, I love Flamingo kid and it would be great to see it again, but every day someone says to me, oh, have you seen blah, blah, blah? Nope. Oh my God, Craig. Sometimes they'll say money, three tests. Mars did it to me just today, Craig. Craig, Craig? Yeah, people freak out about stuff like God. I got another thing. But I mean, you can't find cocoon. You can't find True Lies. I mean, there's some big titles that are unavailable crazy fact that's been going around about cocoon dummy recently. Wolford Brindley and Tom Cruise. Yeah, which is incredible. Brindley cocoon turns out he was twenty three years old. Eighteen graduating just graduated. He had. He had to actually have teacher onset. Now leeann we've not discussed the head of time, so I didn't know whether you're on my side of Craig side because a recurring feature we've got it to the podcast is changed, Craig's mine and specifically on ventriloquist. How do you feel about ventral? Is it an art form or is it terrible? I think it's both. Okay. So that's me. I think she siding with me. It's an art form. I think it's extremely hard to do. I think it's it's not for everyone. It's really not for Craig's. We've been trying to change great mind and making a pre she ate. So dumb the great things about ventral. I'm not opening my off on just talking like this. I'm not even people who are good at it. Really amazing so, but Connecticut's. Ish. All right. So I feel that way about magic. I brought a magic, right? So I want to pitch three things that listeners have pitched towards me about trying to change your mind on ventriloquist. Emily Fortuna tweeted a clip of Sherry Louis lamb chop. How do you feel about Louis m shop? There's a little bit of nostalgia for Sheryl. Loosen lamb chop. Although now that I think of it, the one ventriloquist that I really enjoyed was Wayland flowers and Madame because wailing flowers the act. It's a comedy act and Wayland flowers and Madame as oppose all the serious. Dramatic visual. Okay. Fair little kids e. Yeah, but was on solid gold and it was my first introduction. I guess it's inherited introduction. It was my introduction to campy queer humor, an wise too young to understand what was going on. What was that for me match game? Well, sure. Of course, Charles Marie, Hollywood squares and pollens Lind. Exactly so that we all had our way in, but I remember whaling flyers ma'am. Just thinking this guy is hysterical and the puppet is hysterical. I don't know why, but I've never quite seen anything like it and I don't really understand, but it may vessel for something wonderful about the that was it. I will. I will salute Wayland flowers. Usage tweeted a clip of a twelve year old. Darcy Lynn on America's got talent. She's a ventriloquist who sings or property sans. Now you don't do not by that. I mean, just sing. Then she could singer. He's a good singer news the puppet, but do it. Finally, I bring out the big guns here avenue q., so I know how much you love musical. It's not ventriloquist culture. They're not even trying puppetry that is essentially what you're willing to make country..

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