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Okay. We're here with Lauryn good. My old partnered crime who has left me, and I had to find a new one Scott Galloway was I dunno. Where Scott Eric who is the scar? Was this good? You must like him. You don't even know where he is. He's in Dubai think he's in some awful country abuses citizens. Anyway, we we we do wins and fails Lorne wins and Pilsen pivot. We call out the people who are making fools themselves and talking to people doing good in the world, we try to be fair pivot pivot. Exactly they can do. Pivots and stuff like that. What is your what of the many fails this week are your fails? And then I would like to know your wins. A we have a whole list here do here. But I wonder if you don't have to pick these brought these up the first one is obvious Matt our value pronounce his name gate states. I think Republican congressman for calling on Twitter. I just call him that asshole. But go ahead. You like that all I know. I don't get in trouble. So so. Go ahead. The whole Coen thing was just did you watch it yesterday. I did I watched a piecemeal his really had to be somewhat productive. Although tell you the best way to watch Highlander yet, bits and pieces. Yeah, I guess, you know, Republican Matt gaetz tweeted this beforehand threatening Cohen and about an affair, right? Right. Saying saying he's threatening. He says what the threat is. And says you better be careful. It's like. Just let us know what the threat was here suppose say you're supposed to oh something's coming out secret. It was just like you're an idiot and a bully and a Bob Stor bad one like on a bad episode of the sopranos. But what what did you think that was a fail? I did certainly fail. I would have kicked him off fell. Jacked that's really have to save. All right. Okay. All right. You think about Michael Cohen test testimony? Well, you thought of it. But I will say I thought he was compelling. I thought it was interesting. I thought I was surprised Republicans didn't try to defend Trump more. But how could you give him? Michael komo's saying I think, you know, trying to impute him with that. He's a liar only serves to hurt Trump because he point for ten years. So if he's such a liar. What was he doing the head of the deputy, chairman of the RMC only a few years ago? So I thought he came off while I thought some of the stuff that he was alleging this disturbing as usual and sort of bears out a lot of the reporting that's been going on for years now major institutions, and and I say win is all these media companies new. Times Washington Post feed all these others who've been reporting on this stuff and doing a great job. And then I thought that that most of them most of the people were a little bit most the congress people were very trying to make grandstanding a little bit on both sides. I think except for Alexander Cossio who I thought did a great job. She she's the total of the week is that again, she's proven that. She's not just really good on Twitter, but she substantive and she did a substantive non showy it was showy. But not showing it was really fascinating..

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