Cambridge Analytica, Researcher, Cambridge discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


So cambridge analytica does presentations in two thousand fourteen in two thousand fifteen for a russian oil company that has been known to do political work for the kremlin around the world they give that oil company information about how to target an influence american voters and how that works why does the russian oil company need that kind of information we then learn that cambridge analytica obtains the core data that was the basis of their business and all their political work from russian researcher who was working at cambridge but is also simultaneously doing work for the russian government we know from separate reporting that during the campaign while the trump campaign was paying cambridge analytica nearly six million dollars for data services cambridge politica was in touch with wikileaks wikileaks was busy distributing emails that had been stolen by russian government hackers to try to inflict maximum political harm on hillary clinton cambridgeshire lick contacted them to see if they could basically help out with that well now a whistle blower who is deeply involved in the data operations of that company has come forward and handed over to britain's national crime agency cybercrime unit a doc of emails invoices contracts and bank transfers from his time at the company he says he's basically driven by guilt the british prime minister says she supports an investigation into the company the information commissioner in the uk which is sort of the prosecutor and privacy issues says she is now seeking a warrant to get their databases and their servers the european union also says they are interested in starting an investigation here at least one state attorney general democrat more helium massachusetts says she is she too is potentially looking at this as a criminal matter here in the united states.

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