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The you're listening to john gibson it is john gibson so should do you think trump should be worried about impeachment he's clearly not yet he's worried about other things but these democrats are are are are rare indigo triple eight seven eight nine nine one zero meantime for an update on where things stand and colmey and all the investigations and the fbi and everything ally lake of bloomberg view joins us now check them out at bloombergcom sledge view so ally the are you of the opinion or does your reporting indicate the trump people including trump himself just did not anticipate of the firing of a james comey would would blow up in their face well that is something that i've recorded and other ever have nail that down i did not put that in my column d i find it hard to believe there are smart people and i think trump is pretty smart he's got a very good political are you must have known that sin colmey had announced an ongoing investigation into the trump campaign and their potential clients with russia during the election that getting rid of him despite numerous calls for leading democrats colmey be fired kirk handling of the hillary investigation would be extremely controversial but that is the story that we're kind of hearing and that's the argument they're making idle particularly effective it doesn't correct the key issue which is that you know we have such a unique situation where there is an actor investigation from the fbi hardship.

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