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Six thirty. A Cumulus station. Prepping for Michael Kaley quits. I'm Elliot Francis. All indications say hurricane Michael would become a category. Four storm when it makes landfall on the Florida panhandle sometime Wednesday correspondent Brian Todd is in Destin Florida were residents. There are preparing for the work. It'd be a lot of shingles torn off shutters torn off things like that. A lot of power outages. People are preparing for that the governor of Florida, Rick Scott said you've got gotta have three days of supplies because they anticipate at least maybe a million people without power in this region. So the telling people if you're gonna stay in hunker down. Make sure you've got your three days of supplies here because you're gonna probably need them. There isn't gonna be power for maybe close to a million patriots. Government officials at our leasing their conclusions on the case of the missing Washington Post reporter draw kashogi went missing last week after going inside the soda consulate in Turkey. Turkish officials believe the frequent critic of the Saudi Arabian government was killed by Saudi agents. While inside the consulate on Tuesday UN ambassador. Nikki Haley unexpectedly said it's time to move on. Bob Costantini reports is going to be plenty of speculation about why the news came out now. Nikki Haley is willing to ride out the year at her you and post he would be feeling pressure from national security adviser John Bolton who is decidedly anti United Nations for Haley. The international flights may have taken a toll. I.

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