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The right point doughty leftsided muhsin to doughty in the middle rightside the circle to cope with dr up top two doughty with a shot blocked and picked up with an air side but not clearing stall kings reset on the power play cope with turned the rightwing boards at the right circle feet it up by muhsin to saudi love circle i shot saved made rebound said a couple of black senate save rebound picked up by carolina carried into the left wing corner bypass sheikh workfree copa jr out to doughty doughty with it to cope which are broken up by stall stick copa turned the right corner again with it his parents out there muhsin across leftsided doughty doughty feeds this lock to foley hands at off right circle copa dr not a muhsin back to cope with jr one time already scorers jay copa jr let it go or one timer is set up by jake muhsin copa jarred at the job of the right circle and the kings with a powerplay goal here in the second period get on the board tonight and carolinas' lead now five two one while the king said the book due to do a good job at moving around cope with dr got the puk gave it up to muhsin muhsin move towards the middle of the ice in and threw it back against the grain cope retire winds up for the onetimer in front of the net tinder pierce it just off to the right of the goal tender this is one that word would like to have back it goes between his arm but his body so a powerplay marker has the king's that aboard a trail at five two one team high twenty third goal of the season for captain andrzej copa jr andrzej with a modest five game points required away carrying it to the carolina line his campaign he got tied up fell to the ice and now a way with it flurry flurries pass of a leftwing dumped in by carolina and.

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