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Hurricane warnings. I've Tim McGuire within AP newsmen hurricane. Florence remains a dangerous category. Three storm as it continues along a path toward north and South Carolina. National Hurricane Center is Ed Rappaport. Says tropical storm conditions will begin tomorrow hazards, will be increasing the conditions will be deteriorating tomorrow and by tomorrow night and early Friday. They'll be near their worst along the coast. Florence is expected to slow down as it nears bringing a storm surge of more than nine feet in North Carolina. Hurricane force winds will be in place late Thursday night through Friday up to forty inches of rain expected in some isolated areas. State of emergency has also been declared by Georgia governor Nathan deal. Gary stiers and others who live on topsil beach on North Carolina's. Outer Banks are readying their homes as they also ready to leave that low lying island right now. It's anxiety and adrenaline to do what we can not really fear because there's not a whole lot. We can control it. This point. I'm Tim Maguire. Tens of thousands of North Korean students have rallied in Pyongyang in the final major event of the country's seventieth anniversary the elaborate celebrations, showcase the nation's aspirations for economic growth and Korean unity. The rally featured university and high school students carrying torches that spelled out giants Logan's and words when seen from above the square leader Kim Jong UN did not attend this year's anniversary downplayed the missiles and nuclear weapons that brought the country to the brink of conflict with the United States just one year ago. Hurricane. Florence is gaining strength. Is this lowly turns away in the Atlantic? National Hurricane Center specialist Daniel Brown does it's now a category. Three storm is expected to make landfall later this week now or looking at the potential for impacts in the southeast US south coast by Thursday or Friday has more exactly where it'll hit it's early but models haven't heading for the southeast or Midlantic co residents essentially from Georgia through the Carolinas and even into the mid Atlantic states need to be paying close attention to the forecast performed Brown says it's expected to game strength potentially reaching category. Four status, but that it will weaken once it hits land where rain and wind will be a real problem could produce a prolonged period of very heavy rainfall across portions of the middle Antic region. And that's another one of the main concerns not only the wind. But also the dangerous storm surge and potential for for flooding warns is being compared. To Harvey because it's a slow mover. And a big rainmaker expected to hang around for a while after hitting land, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia have already declared a state of emergency. Serena Williams is find seventeen thousand dollars in the aftermath of the US open final and the Women's Tennis Association calls for equal treatment of all tennis players AP. Correspondent Julie Walker reports the seventeen thousand dollar fine stems from three code violations. Serena Williams received during her loss to Naomi Osaka. In the US Open final verbal abuse of the chair on pyre coaching and breaking Haracic, the WPA along with Williams and critics inside and outside of tennis argued that she was not treated the same as mail players. In addition men's champion Novak Djokovic said he thought the chair on pyre who Williams argued with should not have pushed her so hard. Julie Walker New York when working at a growing business you wear many hats, the new business hat the buying toner for the copy machine. Had the sifting through tonnes of resumes hat you can throw away that last hat. Thanks to indeed dot com when posting your job. Indeed. Let's you add screener questions that.

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