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And if you have a pencil there, Arlene, I'll give you the phone number. I have a memory. Yes, I do. It's area code 734. Yes. For 7512 to 1. Hmm. 344751212? No, no 12 to 12 to one, right? And could you give me the name of a work a work shirt and now model number? Well, not the model number, but this they sell speak Queen washing machines. And if you want The best washing machine in made in the world today. Then you go shopping for a speed queen. A queen Right now. There's also a store a down river called beauticians Appliance. How do you spell that? The U. S. E n yes. And that's down River in Lincoln Park. Yes, There's also store call Bill and Rods Appliance in in Livonia. Yes, on their phone number is 7344 to 550 for zero. Yes, Those are three stores for you to go shopping. As far as needing. Ah, plumber. Well, I've got one of the best there is in the country and you might call Thorton and grooms. How do you spell that? Please? T h O R and t om yes and grooms G R. Ole O M s On their located in Farmington Hills. And their phone number is 2486447810. Two for a 644781 hero. You've got it, Arlene. I thank you for everything from my heart. 19. You enjoyed your show? I enjoy you listening. Thank you so much. Take care. Thank you. Bye Bye. Bye Bye. Kill from Arlene A R l e N E. Let's goto Marlene m a r L E. Annie. She's from Chesterfield. A question about a small heater. Good morning, Marlene. Thanks for calling. How may we help you? Good morning, Joe. I need a straw heater. That would possibly clean but not clean, but possibly warm. One room. And I went to the stores and Lo syndrome like 90% of our from China, and that warnings Adam there. Ah ah! That they have chemicals in there that could cause cancer. Well, look for one that is It makes the state on it that it's cleared in California. Yeah. I would say it does say something about California the said something about tested in California something well in anything that refers back to California. Okay? Yeah. All right now, have you got your radio on there? What's all those back sound? I'm hearing. Oh, I don't know. Hadn't slipped. Let me see. Maybe I had the speaker on hanging. Okay. All right. That's what's problem. Anyways, look for something that is cleared by the standards of California. Okay. Now I was in the hardware store yesterday. As a matter of fact. And I saw a whole roll of little space heaters. On a shelf from all over the place, and I'm sure many of them are from from China as well. Well, I only found one that was from the United States. But I think that little miss broken It was they had only one like that, and I looked like that. Maybe it fell off the shelf wasn't doing what? What? It was supposed to last. The store to order one for you. Hyper last. Okay, Mylene, Thanks So much for the call. Thank you. You're welcome, Dear. Take care. It's Saturday morning. It's 6:15 A.m.. It's October 17 2020 and the next segment of the home. An appliance show is brought to you by handy Pro Handyman services and my darling Valerie says to me just two days ago. Would you call Keith Paul and Andy Pro handyman and have them come over and install some curtain rods? That's what isthe and some many years ago that's how my relationship started with Andy, Pro Handyman I had to drill some holes for curtain rods, and when I was done, you could almost drive a truck through the holes..

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