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The military officers at issue in our case are currently serving as judges noxious on this special as guantanamo court but also on the ordinary court martial appeals courts four air force service members for army service members and so all of the petitioners in this case is our service members who were convicted in a court martial and who had their appeals heard by these judges were the claim is because of the appointment to this second unauthorized office these judges were basically no longer allowed to keep their first office as military officers and therefore could no longer serve on these petitioners appeals court so it's it's a very limited issue in our case it's only about you know whether these four judges could have served for the last basically eighteen months on the army and airforce intermediate appeals courts the bigger issue and i think the reason why the supreme court was interested in the case is that the statute the draw this whole them ban is obviously a much bigger deal than just this one case and i think the supreme court realize that this was a a rare and unique opportunity to have the courts actually have the last word on just exactly what the stock she prohibits and exactly how it applied does this have anything to do with all the generals that are serving in the trump administration good it goes indirectly one of them christon without the you know the medium that's out there adopt the militarization of president trump inner circle is that this statute actually is exactly why you only have active duty officers and a handful of position so for example the secretary of defense jim mattis had not just retire before it could be secretary of defense but usually he would have had to have been retired for seven years congress actually had to waive the seven you're waiting period in his case general kelly the.

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