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Rick cody. You made yourself. Amaury. No I never wanted to be your rick. I think I think the reason I was referencing that was because like in the show you know he's expendable in tradable and if everybody had a cody, it'd be like a you know packages on the shelf. Do you want the? At the the music. On. Williams, swollen flame of slams going to go for full grown fulcrum. Full chrome would have clothes on her Nah yeah chrome close. Okay. Knowing cody's I assumed it had been naked in chrome. Little bit more modest than that. At this age I it could by. Each kid pick key pick the age of the cody because I would buy a fresh one, thousand, nine year old cody and his existential dread any day. I would not I. I already had accidental right all the Goddamn time. I don't need that shit in my life more. I. Would choose a real like A. I would I would I want to cody that? Still Kinda hated me a little bit. That's okay. I want the one that was like a little. One that like. Because current cody. One that hated me enough that wanted to prove more because the me like he had some prove. Yeah, I don't have much to prove anymore. I. Send Things to accomplish. Shit to do and that I've got I've got to run a whole three day stream next began. Four Hundred People Competing in Dhamma round the world. Guys tune in and watch it Sport Dhamma Football Cup catching it if you haven't done it yet give it a try that should be bad at it. But then you can be good at it, practice it up. All right to fucking music talk about Music Yo. So there's a song called. How will I rest in peace if I'm buried next to a highway Guy Named Kenny. HOOPLA. HOOPLA and this on. This is a son that I really really like I, really like this song. Can you tell me why? Like well, I really, I really connect with the thought of not being able to rest in peace if be married next to a highway as the title. Wise. I also the. vibe of. Right now that I'm really enjoying I'm enjoying this like. I don't know low Kinda gravelly. Whisper thing talk shit that's happening I. Feel like grandson was the reason why a lot of this is around right now but it's kind of popular right now. Are you listening to it? Yeah I'm listening I. It's it's got like it sounds.

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