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And I was pretty much trying to beg him to stay. Because I thought he was outstanding. You know, he came in, he's been in a few days, and you saw it tonight. You see his personality on the field. I mean, he's a really, really exciting player. Exciting player, good quality, technically really, really strong. Really attack minded. And I just love his desire just to keep going. I keep going and puts his body in the way and keeps making runs and really nice combination play and I mean, this kid's a really good player. So we're pleased that he came in. And we got a chance to see him and he got a chance to see us. So yeah, but I did try and plead tip for him to stay. But hopefully we can get him back. Okay, hurt Anthony Hudson far closer to your appraisal of Alejandro Sanders tonight than mine. I know many might not care for Anthony Hudson and his opinion, but do I think there's going to be a decision made on the U.S. business national coach soon? No. So there may come a time, maybe this concave Nations League tournament where he's the head coach in this tournament, and it's a necklace plays in this tournament. That's it. There's now going to Mexico, so maybe him and his admiration could be a key factor here. Alejandro Zendaya say dual national hurricane you know who else is a dual national? Jesus feda, Colombian American who of course represented the United States at the last World Cup and at the last Major League Soccer media day he was representing FC Dallas, we got to talk to Jesus there, herc, and among many things we discussed the U.S. team in Qatar. Let's check it out. All right, let's talk about obviously you're on vacation because you played in the World Cup. So talk to us about that World Cup experience for yourself. Yeah, no, it was an amazing feeling. That was a dream come true for me. Obviously growing up, it was something that I always wanted to achieve accomplished. And to do it at such a young age, you know, I'm happy, I'm grateful for the opportunity. Obviously, for me, my role was a little different than I would have

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