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And the ad council cable x news time six forty time for traffic and weather together we've got a lot of rain on the way but fortunately not this morning roger brandon the steve traffic center so enjoy it while you can because this afternoon at these could be a whole different world this traffic report servants of dead hotline easy going for most folks around the area right now reporter debris at the end of the ramp from northbound one seventy getting onto westbound olive so that would be the the left turn lanes at the end of the ramp from northbound one seventy i'm not seeing any backup on the ramp folks get off a highway there look like they're doing okay so it should be minimal impact if anything it looks like there's a little bit of a backup on northbound sixty one north one zero parkway do all the construction zone they're near highway piece so that could be the culprit on that drive in right now hardly driving in on forty four maria westbound volume is building on king's highway and then at jamison eastbound forty four volume as well to before liquidation eastbound forty four little bit of i am from an tired of west of one forty one and then bowls up to to seventy words a little bit heavier northbound to seventy heavy from teflon ferried and north of gravity slows at forty four and then heavy dougherty ferry northbound one forty one some volume of four twenty one and again as you approach marshall northbound fifty five you're heavy at one forty one and in the city it's building from bates through grandma how about metro east drivers roger hold onto our jamming on westbound sixty four days approaching route three to the poplar so still not really all that bad there route three both ways around monsanto a little heavy it could be a train that was crossing briefly just a little ball there but otherwise musil veterans bridge looks great mckinley bridge each bridge in the mckinley mutual veterans everything's blyton on the go i don't see any delays any crossing those stretches right now are you buried in credit card debt or student loan debt learn how to reduce your debt to a fraction of what you owe call now for free advice eight hundred four seven one zero two one six.

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