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On witness tampering obstruction and lying to congress in connection with a special counsel's Russia investigation. The indictment says on multiple occasions stone told an associate that they should do a Frank Pantano before the house intelligence committee in order to avoid contradicting stones testimony pen Tanjile the character in the godfather to who claims he doesn't know about information that he clearly knows about while testifying before congress don't homes in Fort Lauderdale and Manhattan were raided by the FBI this morning. Stone was released on two hundred and fifty thousand dollars bond wins news time five forty nine. A cold case heats up in Brooklyn where prosecutors have arrested a man for the nineteen ninety two murder of a young woman whose body was found on a Brownsville rooftop. They announced the charges rather the Brooklyn district attorney says a now fifty six. Year old Calvin grant was linked to the victim. Twenty one year old Stacy Lyn Joyner through DNA evidence Joyner was found by building security guards after they heard gunshots and found her body. Grant has been arraigned on second degree murder charges wins news time five fifty. I Hempstead elementary school teacher is facing serious charges. And his attorney is heading back a charges against fifty one year old John Finnegan are sexual abuse. And endangering the welfare of a child. His attorney Dana gross Blatt said the case against the teacher is utterly preposterous. The staff at the.

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