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I work on like the 4.5 and the e v and that's why it got slim down. But the way it's being implemented in this new version of Ubuntu touch is it's one of a better expression for responsive. So it knows if it can do it or not and it will present them or not present them and that's how I've interpreted what they've written in in their release notes interesting. There's some updates to the core applications message contacts and dialer. They've got a whole bunch of updates off like middle quality-of-life improvements like the way text appears in message Bubbles and stuff like that and audio recording when sending messages has been improved and stuff and there's a whole bunch of divorces that we can get Support over the following week. Maybe by the time you hear this there might be done. There's a bunch of Sony devices the Xperia series the whole bunch of those wage and the OnePlus 3 and the 3 T nice which is interesting and plus all the other devices that they have like the Nexus 4 in the BQE phones and the meizu mx4 and Pro 5 a.m. The M20 tablet. Yeah, so I have to say I was super impressed by the length and breadth of this update. The thing that I that that you mention wage like long-term benefits what the long-term benefits well there there's been an effort to get them to touch building on post-market OS and by doing that and the post-market Palm OS team working on that. It's actually paved the way to a bun to touch being built and delivered on a bun to 2004. So that's your a long-term benefit for them to jump from 1604 to 2004 ice in the future which will be amazing. But I'm definitely going to stick this on my intent when you think that the version that I had that I was playing with on a concrete you today was based on 1504. So that's April 2015 a good five years ago and they've had to massage this thing all the way through and now finally get it like you say building on the latest LTM. Great. So, yeah, if you've got a supported device have a play with that and file bugs if you find them or get involved and that's the end of the community news..

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