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Governor John bel Edwards says his state may have reached its peak about warned at the trend could be undone if people don't follow his stay at home order the fear is that I'm telling people that **** sales the task at hand is accomplished we can go back to doing whatever it is that we normally do and behaving as we normally would that is exactly the wrong answer number three Johnson governor Tony YVR sought to postpone today's election but the move was swiftly rejected by Republican lawmakers and the conservative majority of the state Supreme Court by the end of Monday that means polls will be open in the state today while Wisconsin's coronavirus infections surged more than twenty four hundred acting navy secretary Thomas moblie has apologized for criticizing the ouster captain of an aircraft carrier dealing with a corona virus outbreak monthly was recorded calling captain Brad crozier naive and stupid for his handling of a memo in which she pleaded for help for the chips crew crozier the former commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt sent a memo on March thirtieth asking for most of the crew to be evacuated from the ship following the corona virus outbreak will we see Major League Baseball in the near future one of the options being discussed by the league and players association is to put all thirty teams in the Phoenix area and play an empty ballpark starting as early as may or June though the plan has numerous stumbling blocks it has emerged above other options as the likeliest to work in house support from MLB and some players about us all right thank Gen six minutes now in front of the hour on this morning America's first news coming.

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