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Morning everybody is great to be back here in lincoln park. I missed you guys are last week. You guys had a great week. I heard that there's a lot of people. There was a lot of fun to be had raised a lot of money To get a well going and so that's fantastic and it's not like i think i heard somebody say it's not a closed door so we could still continue to give in and regularly to that great. 'cause i'm trying to think because i feel like it's like a karaoke sunday with tyler up at the table this morning and so i wanna hit a couple of these things for tyler because he mentioned shock and awe in the family and the scary movies and so. That's why. I often recommend that we watch the movie the passion of the christ. So i'm ed in so i wanna know. Passion of the christ is passionate christ. Why do you feel. It's a great movie. That should be washed. Well at least a couple of times a year and i've heard people say but i don't like to watch it because it makes me feel all squirmy and i just don't like to see that's the polling. It's difficult to see..

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