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If something lingers, it almost in a sense means that it never really cleared up where we haven't been able to figure out what's causing it anything that lingers generally is not a good thing. There's two adages BUSTER that nothing. Good happens after one AM and anything that lingers when your health isn't a good thing. Yeah. Right. Exactly. When they tell us lingering reminds me when teams say, well, he's got inflammation in his shoulder in his knee. No, you're what what's the source of the information. What's the source of the lingering? And this is where the departure Marlin Gonzalez becomes a challenge. The Astros because you know, lead misty as presumably will take on a greater role. Speaking of former Astros, Dallas kaikal still in signed reminded that doing a radio interview yesterday, and you're like elite he's still out there. My vice the Dallas kaikal be dude signed with the team get get started. Because the longer he stays out at his age. And then get more hurts. And what do you think? This is truly the one even beyond Craig kimbrel because he kind of came out down to demand. I don't understand this. Now, you know, whether the Yankees if Ceferino injury lingers or some other teams, the one commodity where you can be fairly certain teams will eventually need replacements, especially good ones is going to be on the mound. And they're they're clearly we'll be a market created likely in a market in which the team is trying to win as opposed to a team. That's not we just need to fill out a rotation. I don't get this. I I really this is one that. I don't understand. I think he's is he in a sense falls in the Hendrix mode. Like, you're gonna have Dallas or Karl Hendricks. It's the it's like in a sense, the San guys not overpowering you, but all he's ever done is wind. He's a phenomenal guy in a clubhouse. He's a lefty. Yup. He's a winner. I this is what I don't understand. But I do believe almost opposite of what you're saying. If you do wait just think of teams that are that are competitive or believe they can win the their. They can't you know, they have to go and make move to get somebody like that. If you just go around it Severino hurt, but David price gets hurt. Justin Verlander gets hurt who whoever the the organization Clayton Kershaw can't pitch. But one of those teams says we're all in well that was Keiko's out there. That's that's like the Manny Machado edition when Seger got her that he he will have to sign a deal. Some team will have to overpay to to make sure that they are going to remain relevant. I don't I don't get the Kyko when I don't get it at all. I don't. Well. I'd say this in this generation of Terminator general managers, the coal bloodless, general managers. I don't think they would they would necessarily overreact and get emotional. In dealing with an absence of a player in the way that they would have in the past. And I've heard that this spring where people now are beginning to weigh the fact that it's gonna take a long time for him to get cranked up and be major league ready. But what firms of what the officer? Would it be organizations told you that that have looked at him and said, no like what is it about him? Why him that they is it his contract demand? Is if his his aliens is it his what is it? It while at the beginning of the process, and this is going back to last December. Scott bores was telling he represents Kyko was telling people he's looking for six seven year deal for twenty five to thirty million dollars a year. And some of the teams had heard that, you know, pivoted to some of the other guys in the marketplace. And so that was the initial issue now where he stands I feel like it's best for his career. Take your best offer. Now get into a camp get pitching and set yourself up for free agency in the fall. So you want to win. All right. Let's I want a one year deal at this point. Because I don't think he's going to get the story deal. But he may be hope for last December..

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