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Follow him on Twitter. WIBC traffic. Coast to coast all over lie over nation. The Dana show. Perm hats. Just shirts. We're just upset over clothing in America. There's nothing else at all going wrong and society. So we're going to get upset over, hats and shirts. I have for you already have somebody fourteen a man had a Trump shirt, and it made a gym owner. Will it hurt their feelings? Listen to this news report. Courtney glared this is now causing a lot of controversy. This number says, he doesn't understand why it's a problem. But tonight, the owner is standing by her decision to dance this country free. Like, that's what I fight for freedom. When staff sergeant Jake Talbot, isn't touring. He says he stays in shape by working at CDC, fitness. A gym in Troy, Missouri. He's belong to for eight years one of the big things focused on being with military. But after what happened Sunday morning Talbot says he won't go back. And I'll says it's Trump for president twenty sixteen. Talbot says he was wearing this shirt when the owner approached him and politely asked him not to wear it to the gym again, saying the shirt was offensive to herself and others. She said that it was racist. And it represents racism, and I'm just like you Don Talbot says he finished his workout before posting his frustrations to Facebook hate that word whenever people use it. It's way too. It's twenty and nineteen the hell over not racism, the gym's, owner declined an interview with news four, but says. The shirt made several members feel uncomfortable. It's a shirt. Yes cain. You're okay. This is an owner of a gym. These are gym goers people that, you know, don't they? Take care of themselves. So they don't have to be weak human beings. Why are they proving to be weak human beings? I don't get this. See I'm gonna look this up. CD why fitness in Troy, Missouri. Now, Missouri's her home state, Troy's not not too far. Oh, I don't know that this. Well, they're going to get some great reviews. Now, can you imagine they're gonna get? And by the way, this is an army veteran who has told us an army veteran by a gym owner who was told maybe don't maybe don't wear that. But do people not see the problem? Like right now, if you're drinking of water bottle, and I just decided that that's racist. And then other people agree with me. Yeah. All of a sudden, you drinking out of a water bottle is racist. What kind of sense does? That mean, he had a twenty six in Trump for president. Sure. That's what it was has a sleeves cut off. And how in the world was it making people uncomfortable. I'm uncomfortable. Here standing in the squat rack, not using it for squads while looking at this man's shirt. I'm uncomfortable people who don't like rewrite their weights. These are these people who are complaining about this. If you're paying attention to what someone's wearing you ain't working out, bro. You ain't working out. If you are watching what everyone else is wearing. And you're so distracted from your workout that you're offended by someone's t shirt, you're not working out. Bre you're not. I thought this was a planet fitness. I guess it's planet fitness junior. I don't know. But this is it's just oh my heavens. She said it it's recess and represents a racism what? Yeah. Because she just made it up, and he I mean, so he walked out an army veteran who's run out of CD. Why Jim in Troy, Missouri? That CD why John and Troy, Missouri. Runs out. An army veteran over his Trump shirt. And they said that the chick who owns Liz Burke, who is the gym owner. She said that she doesn't think that the gem. It's just not a it's just it shouldn't be a political statement. We should have political statements. She that's what she wrote. She goes allow me to clarify. I don't believe our gems should be a political forum for anyone I want everyone to feel safe uncomfortable here. We're all China improve ourselves our cartage Hanes. Liz. The shirt unsafe for others hose, a shirt unsafe for others. I just wanna know. Yeah. Yeah. The gym owner. Liz, Burke said that she claims that she didn't she she claims that she didn't ask him to leave. She just said not to wear your shirt again. He's a veteran once you oh, man. I'm trying to be FCC friendly here. Good that he went and found another place to work out. So just to reestablish CD way. Jim owned by Lisburn control. Apparently. You know, if you're a veteran, and you wanna be able to wear a t shirt because I mean, high I think, you know, don't you think that he probably earned the right to wear whatever the hell he wants it'll hurt Liz Burks feelings because she's triggered by t shirts. We wear as our own expression wires first amendment out the window. Why is she infringing upon his civil rights to express his viewpoints? I mean, that's what it is. You're you're infringing upon his civil rights to express his viewpoint, and it's really simple your rights end where someone else's rights begin. So no one's hurt or physically accosted, and there's no negative unless you decide from a t-shirt so stop what is up with this. What people getting all freaked out over clothing and hats, well, hats, clothing. I mean, I just doesn't. I don't get it. Now going from this story to this really really disturbing story. This is just awful. So New York, and we've talked about this before like how long does it take free decide really like if you're going to have an abortion, which I am not pro. I think I'm all about whatever contraception you want to do get it Republicans are trying to make a birth control over the counter Democrats killed it for some reason because because Planned Parenthood lobbied them, apparently, that's how what the report was cutting into their business, but they tried to do that several years ago a couple of times, but how long does it take you to figure out that you don't want to be a parent. Because now what New York has done. They are legalizing abortion up to birth. The proposed legislation racists current limitation on abortion and the state which is set at twenty four weeks. Yeah, they said every individual who becomes pregnant who is a fundamental right to choose to carry the pregnancy to term cetera etcetera etcetera etcetera. The Bill was apparently passed. In the legislature yesterday. To commemorate the forty six anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Wow. And they also remove abortion from the definition of homicide. The penal code entirely, I mean, it is an Cuomo had said previously that he doesn't believe that pro-lifers have any place. They don't have any place in the say. So this is I mean up to birth. Yeah. Question whenever there is. Let's say, for example, there a pregnant woman was shot while being robbed and the baby died to the person who was responsible for that is charged with to murder. Well, maybe not New York anymore. What you know? What? I mean. I don't know if that's changed though. I don't know if that part of the laws changed, but it's completely inconsistent with where everyone else is on the law, and according to New York State Department of health eighty seven thousand three hundred twenty five abortions took place in New York during twenty sixteen CDC said there were ninety three thousand ninety six abortion turned two thousand fifteen the good marker institute reported that there were one hundred nineteen thousand nine hundred nine hundred forty abortions in New York in twenty fourteen. So they so now it's wow to go up to up. I mean up to birth a full grown child. Like, eight months pregnant. Nine months pregnant. Anywhere else. Really the legislature passed it. They passed it yesterday. It's done. Do. They not have to give an explanation as to their voter to their reasoning. Yeah. I mean, I kind of have that question too, right? Yeah. This is the this is the Bill. I mean, I'm looking at it is. And they did it on the forty six anniversary of Roe v. Wade the reproductive health act, and it was thirty to twenty four and he was hoping to sign it last night. And they go we're staying here. New York women's lives matter. Except infants. Yeah. What about the infants lies so up to birth? Now, how many women do you think are going to do that? I mean seriously think about this for a minute. Up to birth. What does who does that? Because if you're allowing your body to change that much and you're going through that. I mean by the time you get to. Six seven eight months. You know, what I mean you've kind of had some time to make a decision. But there must have been enough of these instances for them to spark legislation about it. Like, why would you know what I'm saying? Like, it doesn't seem like it'd be anywhere close to comment that someone would wait until the fortieth week. Like, it makes no sense to me. So why is it happening so much needed to create legislation for this? It's crazy crazy. Indeed. I mean, this is just it's pretty unbelievable. I don't even know. I mean, I just I find it kind of I find this whole thing. Pretty sickening to be quite honest. I mean, all the way up to that point. It's. Just. I mean, they're just slipping into this abyss the state now speaking of that there's also a story that we're gonna talk a little bit more. In addition. So New York is also apparent while they are against self defense. So this is a story I highlighted this yesterday on social media about a guy who is he his resident he lives in queens. Joe Christopher Paul a home intruder busted up, and it was home July thirtieth twenty seventeen. Right. The twenty seven year old. He was home in Springfield gardens with his mother, his brother and sister. The intruder Shamila chevaux had travelled north from Maryland after he was named the suspect in shooting there ten days earlier now Paul's brother, Michael who sixteen was expecting a pizza delivery. And when he went to the door. I think it was a pizza guy. It was actually Xiaobo trying to break in Michael foreshadow vote to the surrounding area his mom called for help. Jol adrenaline, obviously searching through his veins answer the call and he brought up. A baton knife. And by the time, it was overshadow was had been clubbed and stabbed to death. And I mean a wanted man breaks into somebody's house and guess who gets the manslaughter charge. Yeah. The resident who defended his family. They say it's that's looks like what the queen's DA is going to pursue. Because they said in the indictment that Joel quote with intention caused serious physical injury to Chanel chevelle caused his death. I think that Schimmel Xiaobo choosing to bust into someone's home and hurt people caused his death. Now, the queen's DA is apparently crazier than most jurisdictions because some of the couple of the articles that I've read they've said in previous instances like this other as in pre other jurisdictions do not pursue things zealously as this DA's apparently going to do and they say there's a little bit of an abuse of prosecutorial discretion here. And because progressives are fascinated with race. He's a black man. And now I mean this guy how did he have the time to take inventory of exactly what was going on? New York state thinks that you should be able to run away. And if you can't run away within then it's your fault. You're supposed to guess what? The intentions of your attacker are the criminal is given the benefit of the doubt. In the innocent is the one who is immediately presumed guilty. So what if Joel by the way, hadn't behaved as aggressively and defending his family, what would have happened what he should have behaved less aggressively. Maybe not defended his family. So well, let one of them get killed. I is that what they were the days wanting. That law needs to change in New York. This is just horrific. It's an embarrassment to Justice. This is the stuff. This is the sort of ridiculousness that on which criminals thrive. It's it's awful. So each ES elite technical systems they are here at shot show, and I will be at their booth actually later on today. I will be at the elite tactical systems booth and make the world's fastest speed loader, you can load them onto three seconds, super durable. But they also have a translucent magazines. You can see around there made from super tough polymer their impact resistant. They're not gonna crack or break when you expose it to harsh environments or any kind of chemicals, extreme cold. They've really durable construction. So it's it eliminates creeps said the body's not going to spread apart..

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