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Able to say that the job take a little rest brother parlay kid you last year had you're the islanders big islanders fan over over eighty points. Or over points. Right? They had eighty just under five hundred, right? Yeah, they had a miserable year last year. So as you know, I had over eight and a half. They were coming off two straight seasons of averaging nearly a hundred points. It seemed like they, you know, they were talking big game about taking the next step. But as we know their management and coaches just really are weren't up to the par. They've really revamped you know their personnel, some of their personnel, and of course brought Lula Morello in. Harry fire, right? You got card snow, I listen. I called for snows firing, jeez, probably Liz. I probably three years ago. I was calling first Meiring, but we finally did it. We got him fired. Now you've got Lula Morello in there and Stanley Cup winning coach in berry trots, but I'm staying away from the islanders. All that being said there actually over unders eighty three and a half points. I believe this year I think they're going to be a gritty team. I think they're going to be close to that. They just don't have a ton of talent, but also gave the listeners last year, Matt bars. Al on this podcast. Last year, I said he would win the Kappler trophy, which goes to the rookie of the year. And I believe at the time, Sal, he was at least seventeen the one greater odds, and he did win that going away last year. That was nice proud of him. But Sal this year, taking a long shot right now for our Hart trophy award winner. Okay. That's the MVP and that's going to go to Patrick lane of the Winnipeg Jets at thirty two one south. This is great value right now. Winnipeg is possibly the to me even maybe to the oddsmakers. I think they're twelve to one to win the Stanley Cup. I think they should be the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. Their team. Yeah. Yes. They could have easily won last year lane is a dynamic player. Thirty six goals is rookie year. Last Jif. Forty four. He's trending upward. I say he gets fifty plus for the best team in hockey. Any wins the MVP at thirty two one. Nice. Great value right now. All right. The poor parley by the way last year was the first year. I didn't have the capital's done this down the car's about ten years. They finally wanted your KOMO. You thought John Taveras thought he would stay loyal than he didn't. He twenty eight years old signed a seventy seven million dollars contract. Good riddance damn south. We'll be better down the road. I'll tell you what he had eighty point. He average like seventy almost seventy before lasted then at eighty. Plus I think last year twelve to one to win the Hart trophy. But you know, you have Austin Matthews on that team to still behind mcdavitt and Crosby, but twelve to one you think that's low or write about. I think I think there's gonna be a ton of pressure on that Toronto team to perform this year. I don't believe that Taveras is a. I've come to realize. I think he is gonna miss being in Brooklyn or on the island. Where is this not a lot of media coverage in terms of hockey for him. I think he's gonna shrink, big lights in Toronto, Sal. Let's it hockey. Crazy city. I think he'll be solid but nowhere near MVP Canada. As far as I'm concerned, I could be wrong. Speaking of shrinking onto the big lights, Harry. Edmonton Edmonton, the win the Pacific Division. I think they came in six place. Thirty one points behind the Vegas nights how you not on the Vegas nights. You live there. You love everything Vegas. You don't know what's going on there half the time, but. Yeah. What are you have to say for yourself? Goaltending it was all goaltending last year for Edmonton Talbot. Bad gave up half a goal more than he did. They see them for when they made it into the second round of the playoffs. But for that, I'm still doing with another oiler again, I'm going with Connor mcdavid at three to one to win the Hart trophy. He's only twenty and the last two seasons combined for.

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