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Entering 2022 on the hot seat. Next week at media days, who's on the hot seat in the SEC. Nobody. Nobody. There's not a coach in this league that's coming to Atlanta next week. With pressure, that's not normal levels of pressure. Just regular old pressure. There's no hot seat talk around any of these coaches. Everybody's pretty happy. It's kind of an unprecedented time in the SEC. It's remarkable to me. I can't remember entering media days without questions about a bunch of coaches. And we're going to show up next week and it's going to be all like, man, what a great year you had last year, Josh heiple. What a great year you had last year Shane Bieber. What a great year you had last year Sam Pittman. Man, what a great year you had last year, Mike leech. Mark stoops, what a great season last year for Kentucky. George and Alabama, great seasons. I mean, a and M probably a little disappointed, but they're riding so high right now after beating Bama winning the number one class and recruiting like a and M fans aren't upset with Jimbo fish. Are you kidding me? They've never been more proud of Jimbo Fisher's their head coach. Lincoln had the best season in olmos regular season history last year. Old miss fans upset with Lake Kevin, of course not. I've just never I've never seen a year like this going into media days, it's like this. Where everyone's happy, and even I just made the case for auburn. As to why auburn could be optimistic about a certain certain parts of their team. And again, I'm not even sure auburn counts, like good or bad, they're just sort of their own animal, their own beast. You sort of have to just you just got to ride the wave and enjoy the joy of the ride if you're not a fan of auburn. I understand being disappointed and frustrated if you are a fan of auburn. I get that. 855-242-7285. Where are you most concerned if you're a championship contender this season? I want to talk actual football. Now we can get into some of the big recruiting news that took place over the weekend. We can talk more about expansion and I know expansion is catnip, but I'm so excited about football starting next month. Think about that. Football starts next month. And so when I start looking at the season trying to plan out who's going to play for championships, you got to look at those trap games, those upset alerts, whatever you want to call them, whatever cliche. Georgia at Mississippi state, man. I'm telling you, that is the one that come November 12th. Don't be surprised if all of a sudden Mississippi has the ball tie game against Georgia in starkville, cowbells are clanging and Will Rogers is throwing the ball all over the place because that is not an offense, Georgia is used to seeing. Tough stretch of games for Georgia, that's one, that's a big one I'm circling at Arkansas for Alabama, October 1st. That's another one. Where are you most concerned? If you've got a team that you think can make the playoff, any conference in America, I want to know where you're most concerned. 855-242-7285. Go ahead and load up the phone lines. My name is Braden Gaul in for Paul here on the Paul fine bomb show. This is ESPN radio. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Paul feig mom show here on ESPN radio, Braden Gaul in for Paul at Braden gall on Twitter, 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. Let's go to the phones AC in New Jersey first up AC good to talk to you, man. What's going on? Good afternoon. Thank you so much for taking my call. And I thank you for hosting the show. You're producing these coffee, man. Finally, he needs some energy like me. No, I'm gonna help this brother out, but thank you so much for taking my call. But here's what I'm gonna say. I am not shy when I say I am a certified bandwagon fan. I admit it. So I had a question for you. All Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia. Legitimate team to win the championship this coming season. So I want your advice before I get out of the most bandwagon. Whose side should I take this season out of the three boys and why I appreciate you for taking my call and if you host the show in ten weeks, trust me, and she's gonna call in. And I'm gonna be all hyped up. Bring Stephen ace Mitchell because I'm gonna annihilate Stephen a Smith. All the energy buddy, I got it. I appreciate that. I'm gonna hang up by saying this. You do some energy as well, sir. Come on, mom, it's a show. Get everything going, all right? Appreciate it. Thank you. Hey, hey, thank you. I don't have energy. Come on now. What are you nuts? I think what the question was is who's bandwagon should we jump on? I'm assuming for the national championship. I don't know if I'm jumping on any different bandwagons for the national championship. I think there's three teams that can win it and that's it. I know that sounds depressing, but I think it's Bama Georgia and Ohio State and that's probably it. Now if you want an outsider's opportunity to make the playoff, especially a team that's never made it before, then I would look at a team like Utah. A team like Utah is going to go down on the road against Florida. I really like Billy Napier. I love that higher. I like Anthony Richardson. I think they're going to be a really good team by the end of the year. I don't think their situated to beat Utah in week one. And that will be a massive feather in Utah's resume cap at the end of the year. So I jump on Utah's bandwagon, I like Oregon a lot. Best offensive line maybe in the country. A veteran quarterback, depending on who they pick. Really talented front 7. I like Oregon a lot out west. I don't think they'd be Georgian week one. I think Clemson is unique because even though they're a regular old name in this conversation, one of the worst seasons that they've ever had was last year, but if you look at how last year played out, it's like, oh, we lost an overtime to a very good NC state team. You know, we lost, we gave up zero points, zero touchdowns to the national champions, Georgia. Like, it wasn't like Clemson was nearly as bad as everyone thought. Their offense was terrible. But they've got the best defensive line in America. If Notre-Dame gets quarterback play, could they be in the playoffs? Absolutely. But I'm not jumping on any bandwagon. I'm not putting any money down on anybody other than Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State to win the national title. And frankly, I would not bet on, I mean, honestly, I would pick Alabama, Georgia to play in the championship game again. That's what my pick would be for a rematch. Aaron, welcome to the Paul 5 bomb show, Aaron. What's up, man? Hey, what's going on, Robert? What's up dude? First of all, I wanted to comment on Chris doreen. Me and my buddy are drums from St. Louis to Atlanta. Please, no more Chris Dorian. We're listening to him. He's a Florida fan he has four player, my buddies driving he's a Georgia man. I'm a Tennessee man. So no more during. We love you during, but helmer Doris. Hey, I'm a Tennessee. I'm a tend to see alumni and I love me some Chris Dorian, so it's all good. All right, no, I did too. Don't get me wrong, I just wanted to make a joke there, but your reversal question was about a sleeper team. So obviously, I'm from Nacho. I went to Tennessee. I don't get to say like watch out for Tennessee here. When you look at Tennessee's schedule, if they can, if they can go over the hump of actually beating one of what you call the Tennessee family top three teams, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, for once for like forever, like please be one of those teams. If they beat that floor to team, we're going into a four O 5 game where we might have an opportunity to be in the top 15 top ten at that point in the season. So I'm just saying like watch out for Hayden hooker as a sleepy Heisman candidate and obviously I'm a Homer. So I'll leave it to you, brother. No, thank you, Aaron. Listen, here's what's weird about Tennessee. They're not really a sleeper team anymore. If they're the fourth best team in the SEC and the preseason rankings. And they're a top, let's call them number 20, let's say. Give or take a couple of spots. I think that's about where they're going to start in the preseason rankings nationally. Like you're not a sleeper team when you're a top 20 team nationally. You're not a sleeper. I think hen and hooker is a sleeper, quote unquote, for the Heisman. I'm good with that. But I don't think they're a sleeper. My issue with Tennessee is you're asking hinden hooker in the offense to be perfect. That's my question. Because defensively, they're missing dudes. They just don't have the horses on defense. I think they can beat Florida.

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