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Yes. What is your favorite ice cream clear. That's smart her favorite ice cream in the freezer any ice cream basically in the freezer. That's the best place to keep ice cream so in this episode. We'll get to the bottom of all the pressing ice cream soft. Serve throw yo toppings all those issues. Greg cody i believe joins us with some controversial takes on ice cream if i remember correctly. And we're really excited to be working i guess. Are we working with vega. Now i mean. She's part of metal larks. We i sat next to her at the group meetings earlier this week i felt like i was a power move by me. I wanted. You know you don't want to just like float in assert yourself next to somebody important so i sat next to kate. And who'd you sit next roy. A set next to john skipper. All roy wins the game. Power is the power moves right. Wins the game. Yes that was billy. Who'd you sit next to. I was between gary and jessica. Okay kinda yeah you're like blended and you wanna go to get too close to the kitchen. Good seats fellas good seats. It was it was a round table so we were all there. Let's what we're allowed to save mention. Any of these people's names we've said is safe. We just can't mention mentioned that name saw by the way that bleep. You heard that and by the way. Kate has a book coming out later this month. All the colors came out a father a daughter and a lifetime of lessons. I know you all know that. I've read it already and now i haven't read it yet. I would love a copy of it if you're listening to this It comes out. May you can pre-order it now. I assume i'm just going to say that if he can't get it may eighteenth but i think we should just get to this conversation because said yeah good job as a nice setup it will be well said when the when the edit comes out but let's let's get to this phone conversation about. Let's talk ice cream to this episode of south beach. Sessions is brought to you by ziprecruiter. Good news for diehard. Mlb fans you will be allowed to attend games this season where you'll sit in pods.

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