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For climate change a phenomenon known as the blob is impacting the Pacific Ocean there's more from CBS news correspondent Jonathan vaguely RD the creatures at the San Diego rescue center are getting a second chance at life she has had severe pneumonia sea world's Jody Westberg expects to release the sea lions early next year and these reading what could happen next the animals that are the most heart wrenching for us to rescue are the animals that the only reason we're rescuing them is because of something caused by human impact they could soon be victims of the blow up a science fiction sounding term for ocean heat waves made worse by climate change and responsible for toxic algae blooms that kill plankton a key food source for marine life there are a vital habitat exactly take here exactly we're seeing more warming and it's becoming more frequent oceanographer Melissa Carter measures of water temperatures and algae levels she's concerned that the massive blob that formed in the Pacific in two thousand fifteen is now reforming they say that again this persistent warm water a side by side comparison of Pacific temperatures then and now so striking similarities some areas twelve degrees above normal and another blob could decimate the shellfish industry as he did in two thousand fifteen while the fish at Seattle's pike place market are considered safe for now this Washington state lab is conducting regular tests by blending them and measuring for toxins the risk is elevated the conditions are more favorable for talks to give this to happen there is an increased risk the ocean is critical it's the most critical piece of giving us a moderate climate on earth but once again in the Pacific what was moderate is now extreme leaving these animals an uncertain future it must be frustrating you do all this work to restore her health but then she's returning to an ocean whose house you have no control over it is there really letting us know what's going on with the ocean south what's impacting them is eventually going to impact us John the degree on the CBS news San Diego coupled up Jamie's time three fifty three the Supreme Court taking up women's handbags at issue is knock off fasteners and who has to pay the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a trademark infringement case involving a retail store that sells handbags and a manufacturer of magnetic fasteners the manufacturer discover that a number of handbags made with counterfeit fasteners we're being sold in the market the infringement of the trade mark is not the issue here but rather what is the remedy a damage award where the actual profits that were unjustly game that CBS news legal analyst Thane Rosenbaum Boston auction house now offering up a private collection of John F. Kennedy memorabilia CBS news correspondent Pam Coulter the collection chronicles the thirty fifth president's life from childhood to the White House the hundreds of items are expected to go for at least one and a half million dollars but an auction official says it could get much more Ronnie pelo Jr who spent years accumulating the items including a hand written draft of Kennedy's nineteen sixty speech announcing his candidacy says the collection shows his intelligence compassion and sense of humor Pam Coulter CBS news.

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