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To it. Did you have one? I actually did. I actually did give him one. And you know, he's joining us now. Hi, Eric, how are you doing? I'm good. I have a small cigarette. Okay. Okay, you just blew the whole thing. I heard somewhere that you played trombone, that was your first instrument? Yeah, because it sounds like an elephant. Because it sounds like an elephant. Wow. Were you a good trombone player? No, I didn't get the fall. I killed myself that I could play in New Orleans style news, which is pretty accessible for the beginner. But not really, not one I heard people like Lawrence Brown, who was the main trombone player with countess band and I have a strong bond player in my bond currently and when we met, he said, why do you want man? I said because I understand that you are a large brown fan. He said, that's right. And I said, okay, you're doing. Just like that. So you knew that you weren't a good trombone player. You knew that or did someone say to you, hey, Eric, you got to give up the trombone. Well, I'm a pretty asking too much. Yeah, that's to be a singer and trombone player. Did I hear you correctly? You have asthma? Yeah. And you sing like you certainly have lots of fresh air. That's proof of the magic of music. So now you got involved in this thing called the elephant project. What is that? Well, elephant love us. And some probably my favorite animal had close and personal relationships with gentle giant at the park in London zoo, many years ago, and I was in shock when I was on tour in America to see headlines in the newspapers saying elephant, male elephant jealous of another male element is caused murder of his rival. And when I got back to London, zoo, I asked the elephant man there, the zoom is a true that about this affair between two rival male elephants and one got head butted and pushed into the ditch that keeps the elephants separate from the public. There's no offense that's just a ditch at just a canal. And this one pushed another elephant into the canal he landed upside down and unfortunately they couldn't rescue him all the blood when it was burning high. Wow. And as the elephant trainer was telling me this, I was convinced that the elephant we point the finger around and the crime here was listening to every word and understood what was being said. It was amazing. Elements are highly intelligent I found out and they have long-lasting memories. So it's not a stretch, maybe the elephant connected with me or what I was saying or could smell me. And the way I smoked, that's what that such gentle giants. And I dreamed years ago that there would be an armed group of soldiers would be raised in Africa to protect the elephants from the slowdown that's going on from people who are hunting them for ivory. We are with singer songwriter Eric Burdon. We're going to take a quick break. We'll be back. Do you have a home that you don't want anymore? We can buy it from you within 24 hours. Any home size or condition for over 20 years we've been buying homes for cash and helping homeowners sell their homes immediately, with no listings or strangers walking through your home. Are you moving? Did you lose your job? Going through a divorce. Whatever the reason if you're in a bind and you know that you need to sell your house fast, call the expert team at I need to sell my house fast. We'll make you a serious cash offer to buy your home in 24 hours and let you walk away from it. No listing, no waiting. Sell any home any size any condition now. Call the expert team at I need to sell my house fast. Make this free call now. 804 7 8 6 O 8 four 804 7 8 6 O 8 four 804 7 8 6 zero 8 four that's 804 7 8 60 84.

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