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Do you do? How much can you do in a day? The majority of the part I'm responsible for. I could cut it 8 hours. Yeah. I usually have three or four more other homies on those spin arounds going through all the other you know what a terrain ain't this flat. You know, I cover all the flex spots where I get to see the traffic and I get to see the most animals because that's what I want to see. And the 8 hours in there, are you listening to be so you listen to music, you meditating? I usually won't silence. Oh, really? Yeah. That's a great time to talk to yourself. Yeah. Blunt burning. You only tracked it. Yeah. John Deere mafia. So the point of the book, really, other than being very entertaining in a great read and great anecdotes is really to inspire people how to boss up like you said. It's got business. Yeah. Without a doubt. Was that the reason? Because the first ones a memoir and this was really to inspire, is that why you decided to write it? Right, right. The first one was about me just feeling how amazing I am. I had to fulfill that scratch that off the list. Boom. And now the second book was more about me just fulfilling the answers I get when I wake up the social media. Rose had to do this. You got 20 business partners. How does this happen? And that's where the book really comes in perfect day to boss up, which really breaks down just the fact of you got to take advantage of those 24 hours that we all get every day. We gotta make the most of those. How can we multiply our output? And that's what it's about. And that's what I tell people the most. I really like as well. And it reminded me of something when you talked about when you first got to the farm because you bought this farm of Andrew Holyfield's giant estate. And you realize that if you bought your own machinery like how entrepreneur would think that you could save money, right? Why do I need to rent this shit? Well, I'm ready why pay 15. For my understanding there were 17 people that were working in 7 days a week. I don't need that. I know what I'm gonna do. I'm a go to John Deere and go get the biggest tractor with the widest hitch. I could put on the back. And I'm gonna roll up ten blunts and don't stop. The thing that I totally remind me instantly of was in the fader article back from 2006, you're driving through Miami and you're pointing at all the posters that you put up, you said, see these? We went out and we got our own printing factory and we got our own cherry pickers so we could put the shit higher than everybody else and I was like, wow, like 15 years later, it's like the same we still hands on when we own the piece of the Miami Heat we'll be selling jerseys out front. Yeah. How is that going? 'cause you talk in the book about the hundred, it's a $100 million goal. You're inching towards saying you're just up there and to get a piece of the heat, but I have a feeling do you think really when you get to a 100 million you get the piece of the heat you'll be able to sit back? I feel like with most people, once you achieve these goals, the people that can't quite sit still, there'll be a new goal. I'm not sure 'cause we already surpassed a 100 million, you know what I mean? Yeah. Congratulations. Congratulations. What about the heat? Which is, you know, we haven't sat down and had a serious conversation. We got a great relationship with the heat. They know I'm a support them. You know, regardless of what goes down, but that's something I really, you know, she really seriously moved forward with a rocket make that happen. I think that I have, I go to therapy. Ain't nothing wrong with that. So I basically, my therapist is always like, I take gigs. I take some gigs for money gigs. These things that I don't really want to do sometimes and I'm always like, am I doing this because I want to do this gig or because I'm worried that the money is going to freeze up and one day the gigs are going to stop coming sky's going to fall in. So he's always like, well, there's two main motivations of human behavior. Fear and desire. So you got to pick, do you feel like because obviously you have an incredible ambition and a drive. Do you ever feel like some of that thing is driven by the same? Like, what if the money runs out one day or is it just like, is it a positive thing? No, not at all. It's not about the money. For me it's the it has to be the desire because I still could fly in late night, get on my story, talk about the music, knowing in two hours I gotta get up and do an interview that I'm gonna look for to doing. I still look forward to going to the club. I look forward to being in Vegas. I look forward to going to Dresden. I still look forward to laying my fucking outfit out, man. This time what watch I'm a weather day to rose gold, roll what we gonna do? You know, so I'm still, I'm just a purist when they come to this shit right here. And even like the bar mitzvahs and the weddings and stuff like that, that's just like, okay, cool, go shake hands, some cute kids, why not? Of course. Yeah, some of the bar mitzvahs I've done man. I've had some with the funniest times ever. I've been a big ass mansions and they flew me in, or in the back and they put me in their back seat of a car and been at a bar mitzvah where I was in the back seat of a car and they drove me into the middle of the party. This is the car to gift they're giving. You know that daughter, I'm that daughter's favorite artist. I get out the back seat. And when I tell you, yo, this shit was some of the I had the most fun. You know what I mean? And then I run into so many people from the party later on, man. And we actually keep relationships. So that's what I'm saying. I love what I do. You know what I mean? And the way I move the music I make, you know, just has a certain energy. I'm on some boss energy. So when people introduce themselves, they introduce me their better selves, their biggest selves. And so it's all love. It's amazing. I just think to myself for that girl at 13 who have Rick Ross perform at.

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